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The Horrors niet geïnteresseerd in hond Paul McCartney

Het derde album van The Horrors werd zonder producer opgenomen in een zelfgebouwde studio in Londen. Het interpreteren van de inhoud laat ... tags: 2011BadwanCowanFarisHorrorsLondenrock

High Tech for Olympic Players

High-technology in the Olympic Games not only impresses people with fantastic gyms and live broadcasting, but it can also change a player' ... tags: CowanDavidIanKoreaLondonSouthThorpe

Mark Pellington & Jeremy Piven on 'I Melt with You'

Director Mark Pellington and Jeremy Piven sit down with MakingOf and talk about shooting on a shoe string budget and making 'I Melt with ... tags: Cowanhttp:makingof.comJaneMarkNeilNormanPellington

London's Anti-Doping Lab Hopes to Beat Olympic Cheats

At this summer's Olympic Games in London, doping will doubtless make headlines alongside the sporting achievements of 'clean' athletes. But ... tags: athletecheaterscheatingCowanDaviddrugLondon

Making Something Up

Best Feature winner at the Hope and Dreams Film Festival and Best Romance at NYIFVF Las Vegas, MAKINGS SOMETHING UP is a feel good romantic ... tags: actor:BarrymorechasechevycowanDrewPaul

BBC crisis deepens over 'shoddy journalism'

The British Broadcasting Corporation has seen dark days before, but few like this. Its highly-regarded news division has been ensnared in ... tags: 90-yearaccusingbroadcastersCorporationCowancrisisMatt

UK PM rejects call for press law

It's the news that everyone in the news has been waiting for. Judge Brian Leveson delivering his verdict on the conduct of Britain's ... tags: Cowanfar-reachingforintoMattpreventregulate

Australia continue preparations for upcoming Ashes [AMBIENT]

The Australian cricket team - headed by new coach Darren Lehmann - spoke on Monday as they prepare to take on Worcestershire in a final ... tags: AshesAustraliaBradCowanCricketEdEngland

Episode 106: Spread Some Fred Love

Help us Spread some Fred Love and Subscribe to usBoxhead Roundhead - The Power of Flight by Elliot Cowan, Unborn Baby Blues by Mark ... tags: babybluesboxheadcowanfrederatorlevineroundhead