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Hindsight 2011-11-20

What drove a 20-year-old woman to shoot dead an innocent stranger on a remote coastal road in Sydney's south in April 1959At Sandra ... tags: 1950s20th_centurycommunity_and_societycourts_and_trialscrimecrime_and_justicecriminal

Law Report 2011-11-15

Re TraceyIn October 2006, Tracey not her real name arrived in Australia in the arms of her drug trafficking mum.Forensic OrdersSteven ... tags: courts_and_trialscrime_and_justicelawNews_Politics

Law Report 2011-10-11

Sexual Assault huge challenges and innovative responsesOnly a fraction of sexual assaults are reported to police. And of those that are ... tags: courts_and_trialscrime_and_justicelawNews_Politicssexual_offences

2011-09-21 Justice in Rwanda

Almost one million people may have been killed in the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. Finding justice afterwards took an unusual and ... tags: allcommunity_and_societyconflict_and_warcourts_and_trialscrime_and_justiceGacacagenocide

8:06 High Court overrules NSW anti-bikie laws

The High Court yesterday scrapped NSW's anti-bikie laws which purported to outlaw motor cycle gangs and the free association of its ... tags: courts_and_trialscrime_and_justiceEducationlawlawsNews_PoliticsSociety_Culture

6:50 Bashir convicted on terrror charge

Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir has been convicted in an Indonesian court for raising funds for terrorism and inciting terrorist acts. tags: conflict_and_warcourts_and_trialscrime_and_justiceEducationlawNews_PoliticsSociety_Culture

6:44 Khmer Rouge war crimes tribunal continues next week

The international war crimes tribunal in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, will next week begin its trial of the surviving leaders from the Khmer Rouge ... tags: community_and_societycourts_and_trialscrime_and_justicedeathEducationinternational_lawlaw

Law Report 2011-05-10

Should expert witnesses and barristers be safe from being suedThe UK has just overturned a 400-year-old legal doctrine. The Supreme Court ...

Law Report 2011-05-03

Decision making law makers and law breakersImagine if your freedom depended on what a judge ate for breakfast Sounds like a Kafka-esque ... tags: community_and_societycourts_and_trialscrime_and_justicefamily_and_childrenlawNews_Politics