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Poison & Wine - The Civil Wars cover by Hayley Stayner & Brianna Parish

Were obsessed with this song... it's so chilling So we decided to cover it Love you guys xx tags: acousticbrianna parishcountrycountry601cutiehayley staynerlivePoison & wine

Someday When I Stop Loving You By Carrie Underwood Cover By Hayley Stayner

Recorded on my macbook so its not the best sound / Im sorry but its a lazy night... Why not sing for you guys Love you xx tags: acousticamerican idolcarrie underwoodcountry601cutiecoverhayley staynerlive

Nothing By The Script Cover By Hayley Stayner

Hey guys Im not a pop singer... nor do I drink lol but this is one of my fav bands... I love there music writing style so I did a quick ... tags: american idolcountry601cutiecoverhayley staynerkaraokenothingstudio

Alone Together By Hayley Stayner © 2011

LYRICS Verse1 Just another day with no make up on No point in lookin pretty now that your gone The box of my things that came from your ... tags: 601alone togethercountryCountry601cutiecutieHayley stayneroriginal song

Let It Rain By David Nail cover By Hayley Stayner

Ive been gone for so long so sorry but there is reasons i cant share at this moment I love and miss you guys tags: 601 country country601cutie cover cutie david nail let it rain