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Studio Guest Prof. Jörg Beyer | Tomorrow Today

Prof. Jrg Beyer, cancer researcher at the Berlin Tumor Center tags: cancercellcounselingDeutscheDW-TVgeneticgenome

Ric Drasin LIVE 12:30PM PT---Tuff and Tender 1:00PM PT OCTOBER 18th

1230PM PT RIC DRASIN LIVE Ric Drasin Live will discuss all aspects of fitness training, nutrition bodybuilding, body shaping, what to wear ...

Banyan Counseling Network Video - Houston, TX United States - Health + Medical

Banyan Counseling Network - Houston, TX United States offers individual, family and group counseling for children, teens, adults and ...

MMI Can Help With MHA!

Money Management International MMI is participating in a nationwide partnership to help families struggling with their mortgage payments ...

Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross In Marriage Counseling

Marriage therapy in Hollywood is probably a little different than the norm, when your husband was cheating on you with the biggest young ... tags: bauercounselinghollyscooplibertymarriagerupertsanders

Antidepressants and the Placebo Effect: The Emperor's ...

Irving Kirsch, Ph.D. discusses his book The Emperors New Drugs, a devastating argument that most antidepressants are little better than ... tags: AnxietyCounselingdepressedDepressionillnessmentalPsychologist

Waiting Game Stressful for Asylum Seekers

According to the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service, half of all asylum requests are dealt with within 8 days. But some asylum ... tags: asylumcounselingimmigrationNetherlandsseeker

Exklusiv: Lindsay fehlt das nötige Kleingeld ?

Angeblich kann Lindsay Lohan es sich nicht leisten, zur Beratung zu gehen, was ihr wegen des Diebstahls gerichtlich angeordnet wurde. tags: AngelesboutiquecounselingcourtjudgeLindsayLohan

Lindsay Lohan aurait des problèmes d'argent ?

Lindsay Lohan ne pourrait pas se permettre d'engager un conseiller comme requis par la juge dans le cadre de son vol de collier prsum. tags: AngelesboutiquecounselingcourtjudgeLindsayLohan