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Un "trou dans le soleil" pourrait bientôt perturber les télécommunications

C'est un phnomne solaire qui pourrait avoir des rpercussions trs concrtes sur notre vie quotidienne.Un norme trou coronal la surface du ... tags: électromagnétiquescoronalSoleiltélécommunicationstempêtestrou

Sun Emits First X-Class Solar Flare of 2013 & coronal mass ejection WWW.GOODNEWS.WS

On May 12, 2013, an X1.7-class flare and a coronal mass ejection, or CME, erupted off the upper-left side of the sun. Solar material also ... tags: coronalejectionEmitsFirstFlaremassSolar

Nasa: imágenes de la explosión solar más grande del año

La Nasa dio a conocer nuevas imgenes que muestran una de las erupciones solares ms grandes de este ao. El evento ocurri el martes 11 de ... tags: coronalerupcioneyecciónmasamaximaNASAsolar

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory: Circular Coronal Mass Ejection WWW.GOODNEWS.WS

A coronal mass ejection CME erupted from just around the edge of the sun on May 1, 2013, in a gigantic rolling wave. CMEs can shoot over a ... tags: CircularCoronalDynamicsEjectionMassNASA’sObservatory:

CMEs Galore. Coronal mass ejection. solar wind WWW.GOODNEWS.WS

CMEs Galore. Coronal mass ejections were popping out from the Sun at a pace of two per day on average Apr. 18-23, 2013. We counted ten CMEs ... tags: CMEsCoronalejection.Galore.masssolarstar

Sun and Solar Activity: Aug. 31, 2012 Coronal Mass Ejection WWW.GOODNEWS.WS

This two part movie shows an Aug. 31 coronal mass ejection CME from the sun , the same event that caused depletion and refilling of the ... tags: 2012Activity:andAug.CoronalEjectionMass

NASA SDO - Lovely Loops

The Lovely Loops A close-up view of the Sun's edge shows vast loop structures made of superheated plasma, just one of which is the size of ... tags: activeAIAastronomycascadingCoronacoronalDynamics

NASA SDO - M8.7-class Solar Flare, Jan 23, 2012

The Chinese New Year certainly started with a bang this morning. At approx. 0400 UT a strong and long duration M8.7-class solar flare ... tags: astronomychineseCMEcoronalDynamicsejectionflare

NASA / ESA SOHO - Another Proton Storm

An X1.7 flare X represents the largest category and a coronal mass ejection CME erupted from the Sun January 27-28, 2012 from the same ... tags: astronomyCMEcoronalejectionESAmassNASA

NASA SDO - Fast Moving CME

On Saturday, November 26, 2011 a solar flare hurled a coronal mass ejection CME at about 930 km/s or 2 million mph into Space. This fast ... tags: active AIA astronomy aurora CME Coronal Dynamics

Coronal Mass Ejection - From Sun to Earth

A coronal mass ejection CME tracked all the way from Sun to Earth. Movie compiled by Craig Deforest from several observatories. Also watch ... tags: astronomy CME Earth Ejection field Little magnetic

NASA STEREO, SOHO - Comet, October 1, 2011

A bright comet headed right towards the Sun and disintegrated Oct. 1, 2011 as observed by STEREO's suite of coronagraphs. It was a ... tags: Ahead astronomy Behind CME comet COR1 COR2