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Road Block

Love Field 1992 - Road Block - A road block causes Lurene Michelle Pfeiffer to panic and run, leaving Paul Dennis Haysbert to be arrested. tags: Beth_GrantBrian_KerwinCooper_HuckabeeDennis_HaysbertJohnny_Ray_McGheeJonathan_KaplanLurene_Hallett

Forbidden Kiss

Love Field 1992 - Forbidden Kiss - Paul Dennis Haysbert storms off when Lurene Michelle Pfeiffer implies their problems are similar, and ... tags: Beth_GrantBrian_KerwinCooper_HuckabeeDennis_HaysbertJohnny_Ray_McGheeJonathan_KaplanLurene_Hallett

You Owe Me!

Love Field 1992 - You Owe Me - Paul Dennis Haysbert tries to leave Lurene Michelle Pfeiffer at a gas station, but she insists he owes her a ... tags: Beth_GrantBrian_KerwinCooper_HuckabeeDennis_HaysbertJohnny_Ray_McGheeJonathan_KaplanLurene_Hallett

Lurene Phones Home

Love Field 1992 - Lurene Phones Home - Lurene Michelle Pfeiffer calls Ray Brian Kerwin for some money and hangs up on him when he says she ... tags: Beth_GrantBrian_KerwinCooper_HuckabeeDennis_HaysbertJohnny_Ray_McGheeJonathan_KaplanLurene_Hallett

Missing Jackie

Love Field 1992 - Missing Jackie - Lurene Michelle Pfeiffer misses her chance to shake hands with Jackie Kennedy Rhoda Griffs at Love Field ... tags: Beth_GrantBrian_KerwinCooper_HuckabeeDennis_HaysbertJohnny_Ray_McGheeJonathan_KaplanLurene_Hallett

Love Field - Trailer #1

Love Field 1992 - Trailer 1 - Directed by Jonathan Kaplan and starring Dennis Haysbert, Brian Kerwin, Johnny Ray McGhee, Cooper Huckabee, ... tags: Beth_GrantBrian_KerwinCooper_HuckabeeDennis_HaysbertJohnny_Ray_McGheeJonathan_KaplanLurene_Hallett

What Else Have You Seen?

Love Field 1992 - What Else Have You Seen - Lurene Michelle Pfeiffer accuses Paul Dennis Haysbert of kidnapping Jonell Stephanie McFadden. tags: Beth_GrantBrian_KerwinCooper_HuckabeeDennis_HaysbertJohnny_Ray_McGheeJonathan_KaplanLurene_Hallett

I've Never Been Sorry

Love Field 1992 - I've Never Been Sorry - Paul Dennis Haysbert returns from prison and reconciles with the recently divorced Lurene ... tags: Beth_GrantBrian_KerwinCooper_HuckabeeDennis_HaysbertJohnny_Ray_McGheeJonathan_KaplanLurene_Hallett

Making Conversation

Love Field 1992 - Making Conversation - Lurene Michelle Pfeiffer strikes up a conversation with Paul Dennis Haysbert, to the disapproval of ... tags: Beth_GrantBrian_KerwinCooper_HuckabeeDennis_HaysbertJohnny_Ray_McGheeJonathan_KaplanLurene_Hallett

You Are Not Going Anywhere!

Love Field 1992 - You Are Not Going Anywhere - Lurene Michelle Pfeiffer tells Ray Brian Kerwin of her plan to attend the President8217s ... tags: Beth_GrantBrian_KerwinCooper_HuckabeeDennis_HaysbertJohnny_Ray_McGheeJonathan_KaplanLurene_Hallett

A Glimpse of Jackie

Love Field 1992 - A Glimpse of Jackie - The police catch up with Lurene Michelle Pfeiffer and Jonell Stephanie McFadden, but after she8217s ... tags: Beth_GrantBrian_KerwinCooper_HuckabeeDennis_HaysbertJohnny_Ray_McGheeJonathan_KaplanLurene_Hallett

Something's Wrong

Love Field 1992 - Something's Wrong - Sensing a panic in the streets, Lurene Michelle Pfeiffer discovers that President Kennedy has been ... tags: Beth_GrantBrian_KerwinCooper_HuckabeeDennis_HaysbertJohnny_Ray_McGheeJonathan_KaplanLurene_Hallett