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First-Of-Its-Kind Dinosaur Found With Rooster-Like Crest

The new specimen is a duck-billed dino with a fleshy adornment on its head. It was found in a rock formation in Alberta, Canada. tags: bonesCanadacombdinosaurEdmontosauraus_regalisfleshy_crestfossil

Cereal study shows worst sugar offenders

The Environmental Working Group released its list of the worst cereal offenders, including one cereal with more sugar in one cup than a ...

Colorado flood rescuers comb area with hundreds still...

Military helicopters have become a constant presence in the skies above flood-hit Colorado. The choppers have now flown almost 2,400 people ...

Rescuers comb flattened villages after Iran quakes

The extent of the damage from two powerful earthquakes to strike northwest Iran is becoming more clear.Rescuers worked through the night, ... tags: aftercombEarthquakeeuronewsflattenedIranquakes

Calling A Dolphin With A Comb

I can speak dolphin and this comb said some very offensive things about those dolphins. Watch more videos here Facebook page tags: animalcallingcombdolphinseaworld

How To Wear Hair Accessories

There are many kinds of hair accessories and there are different ways to put them on your hair. You have to learn or follow the ... tags: backcombcombhairhairstylinghatsslippingtips

How To Make Beaded Hair Combs

Making a beaded hair comb is an easy project for anyone to do. It is fun and will be a great hair accessory for a party or event. tags: accessoriesbeadedbeadscombhairproject

How To Check For Lice

This film is intended to help you in checking and providing with preventative measures so that your child and your family can stay out of a ... tags: carecombhairheadkidsnitnits

Concert live Liz Mc Comb

Concert live Liz Mc Comb l'glise Saint Sulpice capt par ArtMdia tags: ArtéMédiaCombConcertlégliseliveLizSaint

How To Cut Scissors Over Comb

Professional hairdresser Nick Davis shows you how to perform the cutting technique cut scissors over comb. Learn the cut scissors over comb ... tags: combhairhairdressinghairstylescissors