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Codefellas - 25 Reasons the NSA Should Hire Buzzfeed Staffers

After Nicole debunks Henry's Buzzfeed logic, he must chose between destroying all electronic music or preserving Downton Abbey.

Codefellas - Blackmail at 4:20

Nicole strikes back with a hefty dose of new-school espionage, but Topple is not to be outdone. Hint you can't topple Topple 'cuz Topple ...

Codefellas - Spy vs. Spy

After recently discovering Winters is actually his supervisor, Agent Topple mobilizes the full power of the National Security State to ...

Codefellas - The Antisocial Network

After an urgent alert from the PRISM program followed by a shocking revelation from Nicole, Agent Topple doesn't not panic.

Codefellas - How To Hack a Website

Nicole finally gets a chance to hack into a personal email, only to find herself in the bowels of Agent Topple's locked messages from the ...

Codefellas - Meet Big Data

Agent Topple reveals a few tricks of the pre-digital trade when Winters attempts to explain to him how computers work. Agent Topple is Not ...

Codefellas - When Topple met Winters

WIRED's new animated series takes you inside the secretive world of a slightly askew NSA, with the eccentric Agent Topple, played by John ...

Codefellas - The Cougar Lies with Spanish Moss

Agent Topple's mustache does its dirty work, and Nicole brokers a deal for peace. But why is the NSA collecting millions of Instagram ...

Codefellas - Shout to All My Lost Spies

Topples bravado is put to the test when his old-school spy game gets the green light. Winters busts out her best pep talk, but can Topple ...

Codefellas - Codefellas: How to Cheat to Win

Nicole accuses Topple of treason and Topple plays the class card. But do average Americans really want to live in world where elites are ...

Codefellas - How to Hack a Telegram

Hot on the trail of a devastating computer virus, Topple and Winters burn the midnight oil. Are the North Koreans sending encrypted ...