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Climate Videos - 3 by Popular

Tracking Down Energy Hogs | Made in Germany

Climate change is also changing Germanys showcase sector, machine construction. When German clients buy new machines, they are increasingly ... tags: climateCO2constructionenergyfoldingFraunhoferInstitut

Vietnam: deforestation and climate change | Global 3000

Vietnam is one of the world's leading exporters of shrimps. But the industry is exacting a high price. Mangrove forests have been ... tags: 3000changeclimatedeforestationDeutscheDW-TVfarms

France: Historic Trees Felled | European Journal

The forest of Fontainebleau, 60 km southeast of Paris, is famous for its centuries-old oak trees. But many are in a sorry state and over ... tags: changeclimateDeutscheDW-TVEuropaEuropeanFontainebleau

Historic Trees Felled | Video of the day

The forest of Fontainebleau, 60 kilometers southeast of Paris, is famous for its centuries-old oak trees. But many are in a sorry state and ... tags: changeclimateDayDeutscheDW-TVFontainebleauforest

Exploring the Deep | Tomorrow Today

Marine researchers Ursula Rhl and Alex Wlbers are investigating what the ocean floor has to tell us about the climate in the past. In this ... tags: ArcticbedchangeclimateDeutschedrillingsDW-TV

Exploring the deep | Video of the day

Marine researchers Ursula Roehl and Alex Wuelbers recently took part in an expedition to the Arctic. There, where the once supposedly ... tags: ArcticbedchangeclimateDayDeutschedrillings

Spot it! Whats new at the Essen Tire Fair | drive it

Concern about global climate change and the desire to reduce CO2 emissions is pushing tire makers to look for ways to improve their ... tags: AutoAutomobileCarCarschangeclimateDeutsche

South Africa: A Climate Protection Guarantee | Global 3000

Khayelitsha is the largest township near Cape Town, South Africa. More people are moving in every day, but infrastructure isn't keeping up. ... tags: 3000AfricaclimateCultureDeutscheDW-TVemissions

An Island Nation Fights to Stay Afloat | Global 3000

The island state of the Maldives has been hard hit by climate change. As sea levels rise, the islands face the threat of being submerged. ... tags: 3000changeclimateCultureDeutscheDW-TVEconomics

Papua New Guinea: Proactive Climate Protection | Global 3000

The Huon Peninsula has no cars, no telephone, and no TV - but it does have 76,000 hectares of intact forest and a population of 10,000. The ... tags: 3000areaClimateconservationCultureDeutscheDW-TV

Environmental Protection in Sumatra | Global 3000

The International Climate Initiative has launched a project on Sumatra, designed to protect some 24,000 hectares of forest. It's trying to ... tags: 3000ClimateCO2DeutscheDW-TVenvironmentforest

Climate Researcher Thorsten Mauritsen | Tomorrow Today

Thorsten Mauritsen is a climate researcher from Denmark. He works at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, where he's ... tags: ArcticchangeClimateDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVGermany