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Citizens Videos - 4 by Popular

Khabar Hai Jinnah ki : 11 August 1947


Majority of Americans against Washington's military intervention in other countries

Recent attitudes about the US towards Syria are revealing a sentiment thats been gaining more attention lately. More Americans are becoming ...

Britons welcome failed Syria vote

A day after British Prime Minister David Cameron lost a key vote in parliament that would have paved the way for Britain to join a looming ...

Tar sands ban to be on ballot in South Portland

The South Portland City Council voted in favor of putting a citizens initiative aimed at keeping tar sands out of the city on the November ... tags: bancitizen’sindustryinitiativelawsMaineoil

Iowa activists meet with new EPA head

The newly appointed administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency is at the Iowa State Fair talking about Obama administration ... tags: CitizenscleanCommunityfederalforImprovementIowa

America Breaking News: France, Too, Is Collecting Data, Newspaper Reveals

Days after President Franois Hollande sternly told the United States to stop spying on its allies, Le Monde newspaper disclosed that France ... tags: AndByCitizensDataDatabaseFrancoisGovernment

Police Bust Human Trafficking Ring in Barcelona

Seventy-five arrests were made in connection with a smuggling operation that transported Chinese citizens into Europe and the U.S. tags: chinesecitizenshumannewssmugglingspaintrafficking

Pakistani authorities set up new task force to clarify fate of abducted citizens

Ordinary Pakistanis continue to pay the heavy price of the US-led so-called war on terror. tags: AbductedAsia-PacificCitizensPakistan

American surveillance state

The American surveillance state is now a reality Many Americans are calling the US a police state, not that US lawmakers really care they ... tags: citizensdataEdwardemailFBINSAPress

Concerned citizens suing to end project near school

A group is suing Pleasant Hill to stop a warehouse complex near a school. tags: CitizensConcernedDistrictdollarmulti-millionprojectSchool

Police Obey Citizens In Russia

A man tells a Russian police officer to get off his cellphone and put on his seat beat, and the cop actually listens to him tags: citizensobeypeoplepolicerussia