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Chunky Videos - 3 by Popular

Anupam Kher's Person comes to the Garage to Look for the Cash (Sankat City)

Anupam Kher's person come to the garage with Kay Kay Menon to look for the cash but cannot find it. Ganpat gets hurt when they are trying ...

Anupam Kher tells Yashpal Sharma to Return his Money within 3 Days (Sankat City)

Anupam Kher tells Yashpal Sharma to return his money within 3 days. He also tells Gogi Kukreja to return his full amount that is 2 crore.

Anupam Kher Hangs Kay Kay Menon Upside Down at the Bowling Alley (Sankat City)

Anupam Kher hangs Kay Kay Menon upside down and tells him to tell the truth about where has he hidden the cash. Kay Kay Menon tells him ...

Anupam Kher & Gogi Kukreja Plans on Hiring A Killer to Kill Chunkey Pandey (Sankat City)

Anupam Kher calls Gogi Kukreja who is busy flirting with his assistant. He asks him how his shotting is going on. Gigi Kukreja tells him ...

Anupam Kher is Watching the Actor Chunky Pandey on Screen (Sankat City)

A Journalist comes to take Chunky Pandey's interview and tells him that he is giving all flop films. He tells her that his time will aslo ...

Chunky Pandey gets Killed in the Blast (Sankat City)

Rahul Dev, The killer changes the wires of the blast during the shooting of the film. Chunkey Pandey tells his director that he needs ... tags: BlastChunkyCitygetsinKilledPandey

Chunky Pandey Dances with Excitement when he see his Bag is full of Cash (Sankat City)

Chunky Pandey Dances with Excitement when he see his Bag is full of Cash Sankat City tags: BagChunkyDancesExcitementhehisPandey

Chunky Pandey Acting as a Bridegroom (Sankat City)

Chunky Pandey is shooting for his wedding as a bridegroom and goes for his wedding. He gives a speech in the middle of the road and goes ... tags: ActingasBridegroomChunkyCityPandeySankat