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New Chips Ahoy! Cookies

Chips Ahoy takes a page out of Oreo's book and expands its shelf presence with a number of new varieties, including Chewy Chocolate Chip ...

Large Chunk of Russian Meteorite Recovered, Promptly Broken

The chunk of meteorite was dragged to shore by divers before it broke into three pieces and broke a scale used to weigh it.

Meteorite chunk lifted from Russian lake

Thousands of viewers around the world watched amateur video of a giant meteorite exploding over Russia's Ural mountains, in February. ...

Russia: huge chunk of Chelyabinsk meteor recovered from lake

Divers have retrieved an enormous fragment of the meteor that exploded over Russia in February. It has been brought up from the bottom of ...

How To Chunk Turnips

Jim Davis Hi I am Jim Davis for Harris Teeter. I am going to show you how to chunk a turnip. Now, first of all, we have to cut off the ... tags: ChopChunkCutKnifeKnivesSliceTurnips

How to Chop Potatoes For Hash Browns

Jim Davis Hi I am Chef Jim Davis for Harris Teeter. I am going to show you my favorite way to cut a potato for hash browns. First we peel ... tags: ChopChunkCutFrenchFriesFryKnives

How To Chunk Cucumbers

Jim Davis Hi I'm Jim Davis for Harris Teeter. I'm going to show you how to chunk a cucumber.Usually, this cut is used in salads. tags: ChopChunkCucumbersCutCuttingDiceKnife

How To Make Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies, and with VideoJug's special recipe, it's easy to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie every time. tags: biscuitchocolatechunkcookiedoughrecipe

12 cars damaged by metal on interstate

A large chunk of metal protruding from the interstate is being blamed for damaging about a dozen cars in Omaha Monday. tags: 42ndchunkDepartmentflattenedmetalNebraskaof

Super Fudge Chunk - The Moody Blues Cover - Session Acoustique OÃœI FM

Super Fudge Chunk reprennent The Moody Blues avec 'Night In White Satin' tags: acoustiquechunkfudgeouifmsessionsuper

Super Fudge Chunk - Heal Us - Session Acoustique OÃœI FM

Retrouvez 'Heal Us' de Super Fudge Chunk dans Au Secours C'est Du Live tags: acoustiquechunkfudgeouifmsessionsuper

How To Prepare Cantaloupe

Chef Jim Davis for Harris Teeter shows us how to prepare a delicious cantaloupe. tags: ChunkCutElonSeedSlice