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National Lampoon's Vacation: Dragging the Dog

Chevy Chase explains the famous scene in an exclusive clip from the National Lampoon's Vacation Blu-ray, out on May 21st. tags: 80schevy-chaseclassiccomedyfeaturemovienational-lampoon

Wallstrip - Weight Watcher's International Inc. (WTW)

9-17-07 Americans, trying to get thin, are making Weight Watcher's International Inc.'s WTW wallet nice and fat. tags: annanicolebillyjoelbloombergcablenewschevychasefightclubmsnbc

Mattress Police

Fletch 1985 - Mattress Police - Fletch Chevy Chase is caught snooping by a dim-witted caretaker with a shotgun. tags: Alan_StanwyckBill_HendersonChevy_ChaseChief_Jerry_KarlinDana_Wheeler-NicholsonDr._Joseph_DolanFat_Sam

Bend Over, Mr. Babar

Fletch 1985 - Bend Over, Mr. Babar - Fletch Chevy Chase poses as a patient in order to question Stanwyk8217s doctor, even dropping his ... tags: Alan_StanwyckBill_HendersonChevy_ChaseChief_Jerry_KarlinDana_Wheeler-NicholsonDr._Joseph_DolanFat_Sam

Fletch - Trailer #1

Fletch 1985 - Trailer 1 - He8217s good at defending himself. He8217s good at disguising himself. He8217s good at getting himself into ... tags: Alan_StanwyckBill_HendersonChevy_ChaseChief_Jerry_KarlinDana_Wheeler-NicholsonDr._Joseph_DolanFat_Sam

Fletch's Laker Dream

Fletch 1985 - Fletch's Laker Dream - Fletch Chevy Chase daydreams he8217s a Los Angeles Laker, playing alongside Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. tags: Alan_StanwyckBill_HendersonChevy_ChaseChief_Jerry_KarlinDana_Wheeler-NicholsonDr._Joseph_DolanFat_Sam

Autopsy Assistant

Fletch 1985 - Autopsy Assistant - While impersonating a doctor, Fletch Chevy Chase is asked to assist with an autopsy. tags: Alan_StanwyckBill_HendersonChevy_ChaseChief_Jerry_KarlinDana_Wheeler-NicholsonDr._Joseph_DolanFat_Sam

I'll Waive My Rights

Fletch 1985 - I'll Waive My Rights - Fletch Chevy Chase is arrested by a couple of cops who plant drugs on him and take him to the station ... tags: Alan_StanwyckBill_HendersonChevy_ChaseChief_Jerry_KarlinDana_Wheeler-NicholsonDr._Joseph_DolanFat_Sam

Can I Borrow Your Towel?

Fletch 1985 - Can I Borrow Your Towel - Fletch Chevy Chase orders an expensive lunch on the Underhills8217 country club bill and has it ... tags: Alan_StanwyckBill_HendersonChevy_ChaseChief_Jerry_KarlinDana_Wheeler-NicholsonDr._Joseph_DolanFat_Sam

The Doberman

Fletch 1985 - The Doberman - While breaking into a real estate office, Fletch Chevy Chase has to outrun and outwit a guard dog. tags: Alan_StanwyckBill_HendersonChevy_ChaseChief_Jerry_KarlinDana_Wheeler-NicholsonDr._Joseph_DolanFat_Sam

Hug a Cop

Fletch 1985 - Hug a Cop - Dodging the police at a banquet, Fletch Chevy Chase creates a diversion by toasting the man of the hour. tags: Alan_StanwyckBill_HendersonChevy_ChaseChief_Jerry_KarlinDana_Wheeler-NicholsonDr._Joseph_DolanFat_Sam

Marvin, Velma, and Provo

Fletch 1985 - Marvin, Velma, and Provo - Fletch Chevy Chase and Larry Geena Davis search the microfiche for info on Alan Stanwyk. tags: Alan_StanwyckBill_HendersonChevy_ChaseChief_Jerry_KarlinDana_Wheeler-NicholsonDr._Joseph_DolanFat_Sam