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Chemistry, Videos - 4 by Popular

FSc Chemistry Book2, CH 1, LEC 10: Halides - Periodic Trends in Compounds (Part 1)

Binary compounds of group 7A with other elements. Ionic, covalent bonding type in halides and their dependence on electronegativity ... tags: ChemisrtyChemistryFscLetureon

FSc Chemistry Book2, CH 1, LEC 9: Hydration Energy - Periodic Trends in Elements (Part 7)

Definition and dependence on charge to size ratio. Comparison of hydration energies of ions within a compound with the lattice energies ... tags: ChemistryF.ScLectureson

FSc Chemistry Book2, CH 1, LEC 8: Electrical Conductance - Periodic Trends in Elements (Part 6)

Definition of pure conductors and the factors upon which resistance and conductance depends. The relationship between bond type i.e ... tags: ChemistryFscLectureson

FSc Chemistry Book2, CH 1, LEC 7: Oxidation States - Periodic Trends in Elements (Part 5)

Charges on the atoms of normal elements and their relation with their group number. Variable oxidation states of a few normal elements and ... tags: ChemistryFscLecturesPart2Video

FSc Chemistry Book2, CH 1, LEC 5: Metallic & Non-Metallic Character - Periodic Trends in Elements ...

Properties of metals, Electropositivity and its affect on metallic character, Formation of acidic, basic and amphoteric oxides, Ionization ... tags: ChemistryFscinLecturesPartProgressSolid

FSc Chemistry Book2, CH 1, LEC 3: Atomic Size - Periodic Trends in Elements (Part 1)

Detailed discussion of Ionic , Covalent and VanderWaals radii.The nuclear charge within periods and the extra orbit in every period. and ... tags: ChemiistryChemistryFscLecturesPart

FSc Chemistry Book2, CH 1, LEC 1: The Modern Periodic Table (Part 1)

The groups and Periods and the no. of elements in each. The various families like alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, halogens, ... tags: ChemistryfscLectures

FSc Chemistry Book2, CH 1, LEC 4: Electronegativity, Ionization Energy & Electron Affinity - ...

Concept of nuclear interactions and bonding. Electronegativity and electropositivity alongwith the ease of removing electrons from atoms. ... tags: ChemistryFsc

Foreseeing trouble in exporting natural gas

Gas producers see profits in exports, but Andrew Liveris, chief of Dow Chemical, wants to block what he considers a squandering of a ... tags: ChemicalChemistryCheniereCorporationDowEnergyExxon

Equipment failure, human error likely cause of Florida plant blast

Authorities say that a combination of human error and equipment failure might have caused a series of explosions that engulfed a propane ... tags: ChemistryFerrellgasFloridaRefrigerantsTavares

Massive explosions rock central Fla. gas plant

Tavares Fire Chief Richard Keith says officials don't suspect sabotage caused a series of explosions that rocked a propane gas plant in ... tags: ChemistryConflagrationExplosionFloridaPropanePublicRefrigerants