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Secret prison tanks on U.S. territory (Part 2)

RT is continuing its investigation into claims illegal immigrants are being held in secret detention centres across America in inhumane ... tags: Cedric_Moonhomeland_securityhuman_rightsICEillegal_immigrantsimmigration_systemjail

Secret prison tanks on U.S. territory (Part 1)

Barack Obama has vowed this week to overhaul the American immigration system. And with half a million people entering the U.S illegally ... tags: Cedric_Moonhomeland_securityhuman_rightsICEillegal_immigrantsimmigration_systemjail

Alien President: Obama forged his birth certificate?

The legitimacy of Barack Obama's presidency is being questioned by a group of American activists. They claim he shouldn't be in the seat of ... tags: activistsBarack_Obamabirther_movementbirthrightbirth_certificateCedric_Moonforged

Is traditional main stream media dead?

A new report says that the number two source for news is not in black and white but ones and zeros. The internet has surpassed newspapers ... tags: cedric_moondana_loeschinternet_news_sourcemain_stream_mediaNewsnewspaperrt_america

July4Patriot: Set up by the Feds?

Militiamen around the country are protesting against the arrest of July4Patriot, a United States Marine Sgt. Charles Dyer well known for ... tags: cedric_mooncharles_dyerjuly4patriotjuly_4_patriotmilitiamilitiamanNews

Mortal Motor City: Detroit on the edge

Detroit used to be one of America's premier auto manufacturers, but with the demise of its carmakers, Detroit's residents are facing rising ... tags: Cedric_MooncityDetroitDetroit_car_makersDetroit_motor_cityNewsRed

Celente on Obama 'Need Jobs, Need Money' plan

The stock market may be up and the United States may technically be out of a recession. So, does that mean everything is just fine Ask the ... tags: bailout_moneybusinessCedric_MoonGerald_CelentejobsNewssmall

NSA could be looking through your Windows

What does the National Security Agency have to do with Microsoft Apparently, a lot. The NSA worked with Microsoft in its development of the ... tags: Cedric_MoonMicrosoftNational_Security_AgencyNewsNSAoperating_systemswashington_DC

Celente: Bernanke is destroying the US economy

Ben Bernanke is on the Hill for reconfirmation hearings. Given the situation of the U.S. economy and the state of the dollar, should he be ... tags: ben_bernankecedric_moondevaluating_the_dollareconomic_crisisfederal_reservegerald_celenteNews

US use of depleted uranium = war crimes?

Reports are now beginning to show that depleted uranium used in U.S. weapons during both the 1991 Gulf War and the current war in Iraq have ... tags: basrabirth_defectscancercedric_moondepleted_uraniumfallujahIraq

Bush set to rewrite history of his 'disaster' presidency?

The University of Virginia has announced it will put together an oral history of George Bush's presidency. It will work together with the ... tags: 9_11_conspiracyBush_legacyBush_oral_historyBush_warBush_worst_presidentCedric_MoonNews

Ft. Hood - US largest homeland terrorist attack since 9/11?

A military psychiatrist has shot dead 12 people, and wounded 31 others, after opening fire at an Army base in the state of Texas. The ... tags: army_baseATFcedric_moonFBIfort_dixfort_hoodfort_hood_shooter