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Catastrophic Videos - 2 by Popular

*ALERT* Humanoid Shape In The Gulf Of Mexico! *ALERT*

These are video clips taken from my saved video footage recorded from when the live cameras were still on. The shape that is in the video ... tags: 333360911alertalexalienAmerica

Dog's Garbage Frenzy

Dog's Garbage Frenzy 224 Ellie gets into the trash during a quiet afternoon while our family hosts 15 girls attending a youth ... tags: Animals_Being_AwesomeattackboivincarnagecatastrophicClean_Comedycomedy

*ALERT* Another Oil Rig Sinks In The Gulf Of Mexico! *ALERT*

MEXICO CITY A total of 713 oil platform workers were evacuated Tuesday when the Flotel Jupiter oil platform began to collapse into the Gulf ... tags: 333360911alertalexalienAmerica

*ALERT* Japan Is Sinking! *ALERT*

April 12, 2011- This is just incredible Japans stability has been compromised and there is evidence supporting the possibilty that Japan ... tags: 333360911alertalexalienAmerica

Fukushima worker says the situation is 'catastrophic'

A worker at the Fukushima nuclear plant says the situation is 'catastrophic' and calls on authorities to tell the truth. Japan has upgraded ... tags: 'catastrophic'Fukushimasayssituationworker

'Catastrophic water dump means Fukushima really out of control'

Japan is dumping more than ten thousand tonnes of radioactive water from the Fukushima plant into the Pacific. Officials say this is a ... tags: 'Catastrophiccontrol'dumpFukushimameansNewsout

Timeline To 2012 (Part 1 of 16) - Ice Age Core Data

Part 1 This video includes an introduction to the 2.5 hour lecture entitled Timeline To 2012 and lecturer, Ivan/Evon Stein an over view of ... tags: 100000201221stageancientArmageddoncarbon