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Kitten's First Time Playing With Ball!

Take a look at this adorable moment A kitten experiences playing with a ball for the first time tags: cat_videocutekitten_ballkitten_first_time_playing_ball

Two-Faced Kitten Doesn't Like Fridge Magnets!

Looks like Willow the cat isn't the biggest fan of fridge magnets He jumps right for them tags: cat_videofunny_videokitten_vs_wall_magnetstwo_face_kitten_magnets

Excited Blind Kitten Wants to Play!

Quirky the blind kitten tries his best to play along with the big boys Now that's just adorable tags: blind_kitten_play_timecat_videocute_blind_kittenfunny_videoquirky

Kitten Yawning In Slow Motion

Before watching this you must be warned, you'll probably end up yawning too tags: cat_videofunny_videokitten_yawnkitten_yawningkitten_yawn_slow_motion

Kitten Wants Alone Time In Owner's Sweater!

Tom, a 4-month-old kitten, just wants some alone time inside of his owner's sweater. Must be comfortable in there tags: cat_videocute_kittenfunny_videokitten_hide_sweaterkitten_sweater

Cat Gives Dog Adorable Massage

Who said cats and dogs can't get along Watch as this caring cat gives the family dog a relaxing massage tags: cat_dogcat_dog_massagecat_gives_dog_massagecat_videodog_videofunny_video

Cutest Dog and Cat Battle Ever!

Now this will bring a smile to your face. A playful dog challenges this cat to a harmless battle tags: cat_videocute_dog_catdog_cat_fightdog_videofunny_video

Cute Kittens Falling Asleep

Need a heart-warming cat moment to turn your day around Look no further A group of furry little ones slowly fall asleep after a long day. tags: cat_videocute_kittens_falling_asleepfunny_videokittens_fall_asleepsleeping_kittens

Curious Cat Battles Wrapping Paper

Whiskey the cat takes on a roll of wrapping paper and shows off just how tough he isn't. How cute tags: cat_videocat_vs_wrapping_papercat_wrapping_paperfunny_video

Quirky the Blind Kitten Finds Catnip for First Time

Check out Quirky's reaction after finding catnip for the first time. When the little guy finds it, he definitely knows what to do with it tags: cat_nip_blind_kittencat_videoquirky_blind_kitten_finds_cat_nip

Adorable Cat's First Christmas!

If you need a cute cat video to help you get through the day, look no further Take a look at this adorable 3-month-old rescued Maine Coon ... tags: adorable_cat_videocat_christmascat_videochristmas_catcute_catfunny_video