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Dumbbells (2014) - Official Trailer [VO-HD]

star de basketball se blesse grivement au genou. Il est rduit travailler dans un gymnase de Los Angeles. tags: Amy_PaffrathBrian_DroletCarl_ReinerDumbbellsHoyt_RichardsJaleel_WhiteJay_Mohr

The Coward's Way Out

The End 1978 - The Coward's Way Out - Sonny Burt Reynolds attempts his first suicide by swallowing a bunch of pills but hersquos unable to ... tags: Burt_ReynoldsCarl_ReinerDavid_SteinbergDom_DeLuiseFather_Dave_BensonJames_BestJessica_Lawson

Shooting Sonny

The End 1978 - Shooting Sonny - Marlon Dom DeLuise shoots at Sonny Burt Reynolds who has had a change of heart and now wants to live. tags: Burt_ReynoldsCarl_ReinerDavid_SteinbergDom_DeLuiseFather_Dave_BensonJames_BestJessica_Lawson

Suicide By Suffocation

The End 1978 - Suicide By Suffocation - Sonny Burt Reynolds attempts to kill himself by suffocation, but he only gives himself a headache. tags: Burt_ReynoldsCarl_ReinerDavid_SteinbergDom_DeLuiseFather_Dave_BensonJames_BestJessica_Lawson

Meeting Marlon

The End 1978 - Meeting Marlon - Sonny Burt Reynolds meets the crazynbspMarlon Dom DeLuise in the nuthouse. tags: Burt_ReynoldsCarl_ReinerDavid_SteinbergDom_DeLuiseFather_Dave_BensonJames_BestJessica_Lawson

Marlon's Last Straw

The End 1978 - Marlon's Last Straw - Marlon Dom DeLuise tellsnbspSonny Burt Reynolds about his family background and how he landed in the ... tags: Burt_ReynoldsCarl_ReinerDavid_SteinbergDom_DeLuiseFather_Dave_BensonJames_BestJessica_Lawson

It's Not High Enough

The End 1978 - It's Not High Enough - Marlon Dom DeLuise tries to help Sonny Burt Reynolds kill himself. tags: Burt_ReynoldsCarl_ReinerDavid_SteinbergDom_DeLuiseFather_Dave_BensonJames_BestJessica_Lawson

The End - Trailer #1

The End 1978 - Trailer 1 - Directed by Burt Reynolds and starring Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise, Strother Martin, David Steinberg, Norman ... tags: Burt_ReynoldsCarl_ReinerDavid_SteinbergDom_DeLuiseFather_Dave_BensonJames_BestJessica_Lawson

Death Therapy

The End 1978 - Death Therapy - Dr. Maneet Carl Reiner, a specialist in death therapy, dies in front of Sonny. tags: Burt_ReynoldsCarl_ReinerDavid_SteinbergDom_DeLuiseFather_Dave_BensonJames_BestJessica_Lawson

I Want to Live

The End 1978 - I Want to Live - Sonny Burt Reynolds decides he wants to live after an attempt at drowning himself. tags: Burt_ReynoldsCarl_ReinerDavid_SteinbergDom_DeLuiseFather_Dave_BensonJames_BestJessica_Lawson

A Game of Chicken

The End 1978 - A Game of Chicken - Sonny Burt Reynolds plays a game of chicken while driving against an old lady Queenie Smith. tags: Burt_ReynoldsCarl_ReinerDavid_SteinbergDom_DeLuiseFather_Dave_BensonJames_BestJessica_Lawson

Chasing and shooting rice

The clip Chasing and shooting rice from Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid 1982 with Steve Martin, Reni Santoni. Starring Steve Martin Rigby ... tags: (in_Sorry_-_Wrong_Number)(in_This_Gun_For_Hire)Alan_LaddBarbara_StanwyckCarl_ReinerDead_Men_Don't_Wear_PlaidField_Marshall_VonKluck