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Plastic Surgeon Creates His Perfect Wife

PLASTIC surgeon David Matlock has created ideal bodies for himself and his wife - enabling them to compete as BODYBUILDERS. David and ...

Gwyneth Paltrow Insists Her Kids Do Eat Junk Food

After hitting the headlines for her unusual approach to her children's diets, Gwyneth Paltrow has insisted that she does allow her kids to ... tags: carbohydrateschildrendietsfoodGwynethjunkkids

A Ketogenic Diet to Combat Epilepsy

Doctors discuss a particular diet made especially for kids with epilepsy, based in extremely high fats.Powered by Producer ... tags: carbohydratesepilepsyfatmedicationmetabolismremediesseizure

How To Cook Long Grain Rice

Rice is a great addition to any meal or on its own. Soft, fluffy and full of flavor. Lean the best way to cook this versatile grain. ... tags: buttercarbohydratescarbsDelrosedishshortside

How To Gain Weight With A Fast Metabolism

While others struggle to lose weight, does your fast metabolism make it difficult for you to gain weight and increase your muscle tone This ... tags: carbohydratesfastfitnessgainmetabolismproteinweight

How to Eat to Control Mood Swings

When you're feeling blue, do you turn to friends like Ben Jerry for comfort Dietician and author Elizabeth Somer shows you which foods ... tags: andbloodcarbohydratesdrinkfoodhowmood

How To Build Big Biceps

Want to have bigger biceps Stop wasting time at the gym and learn how to effectively get bigger biceps with this how-to video. tags: bicepbicepsbiggercarbohydratesdietgymhealth

How To Get Rid Of Moobs

You have to follow a healthy diet and also do some exercises on your pectoral region if you want to get rid of moobs or man boobs. But ... tags: boobscaloriescarbohydratesestrogengynecomastiamajormale

How To Build Muscle And Lose Fat

To get in shape is relatively easy once you know how to do the exercises properly. Here are a few quick tips on how to build muscle and ... tags: bodybuildcarbohydratesfatlowmusclemuscles

How to Choose Healthier Pasta

Do you love to eat pasta, but you're worried that it's just empty carbs Prevention Magazine's Nutrition Director Cynthia Sass says ... tags: carbohydrateschoosedietingeatingfatfiberfood

Nutrition: What is Glycemic Index?

Nutrition What is Glycemic Index - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. It is really important when you are looking at this big group ... tags: bloodcarbohydratesglucoseglycemichealthhealthyKia