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Cannibalism Videos by Popular

Alteria - Protection

Italian rockers, Alteria, re-enact the events of starvation, dehydration, and cannibalism. Inspired from the 19th century painting 'The ... tags: alteriacannibalismdehydrationdirector:_Luca_AcernoElisa_CaseriniitalyLuca_Lamera

Almost-Cannibal Sentenced to 27 Years in Federal Prison

A man accused of planning to kidnap, rape, and eat children in a soundproof dungeon in his basement has been sentenced to nearly 27 years ...

Man Accused of Planning to Kidnap, Eat Children

Police say a British citizen living in Boston is accused of planning to kidnap, rape and eat children.

Man accused of cannibalism pleads guilty

A judge on Monday accepts a guilty plea from a Harford County man accused of murder and cannibalism. tags: Agyei-KodieAlexanderBonsafocannibalismcaseCountyHarford

[REUPLOAD] Amnesia Custom Storie _ Cannibalism #1 _ Face-com

Rejoins nous ici Youtube Facebook Twitter Musique d'outro Happy Hour de kirja100 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, N'oubliez pas le petit pouce vert si ... tags: amnesiacannibalismdarkdescentthe

Miami Cannibal Attack Victim's Police Interview Released

Ronald Poppo details the attack that left him permanently disfigured in the first interview released by police.Powered by ... tags: cannibalismFloridaMiami

Slovak police find two 'cannibalism' victims

Slovak police discovered two female corpses near the town of Kysak on Tuesday where a suspected cannibal is said to have lived. Their ... tags: cannibalismCrimeeuronewsfindpoliceSlovakSlovakia

Syrian militant eats soldier's heart

A gruesome video has emerged on the Internet, showing a foreign-backed militant in Syria cutting out the heart of a Syrian soldier and ... tags: AbuAssadBasharCannibalismGallowayGeorgeheart

Signs of Cannibalism Among Jamestown Settlers

There is evidence of cannibalism among Jamestown settlers.Evidence shows that the first English settlers in Jamestown were driven to ... tags: cannibalismCulturegeneraljamestownKnowledgenewsof

Were Jamestown Colonists Cannibals?

Historians have presented disturbing forensic evidence to confirm stories of cannibalism at the Jamestown Colony during the 'starving time' ... tags: cannibalismcannibalscolonialdoughistoryjennifermartin

Skull Shows Jamestown Colonists Turned to Cannibalism

The skull of a girl who died in the winter of 1610 shows signs of having been cannibalized by the starving colonists. tags: cannibalismcolonisthistoryjamestownnewssettlersus

Jamestown settlers resorted to cannibalism

Historians revealed hard evidence that the settlers in the American colony at Jamestown Virginia resorted to cannibalism to survive the ... tags: cannibalismevidencehardharshJuliereportsresorted