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Cancer Treatment Videos - 2 by Popular

Three Things to Know About Cancer

Our bodies send us signals everyday, but are you listening Chief medical officer of Pfizer, Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, explains the top three ... tags: AboutCancerCancer_Diagnosticscancer_informationcancer_screeningcancer_symptomscancer_treatment

Dr. David Agus on The End of Illness

Dr. David Agus offers his perspective on the future of medicine and his belief and hope in cancer treatment and research. tags: 9781442351172978144235118997814516101789781451610208Dr.AgusArts_Writing_PublishingAuthor

Bhopal gas tragedy victims yet to get promised help

Bhopal is the city where the death struck several and the victim those who are alive are still in pain. Thousands and thousands of the gas ... tags: 27th_AnniversaryBhopalCancer_PatientsCancer_TreatmentDirect_ContactFailure_CasesGas

How to Reduce Ovarian Cancer Recurrence

Dr. Alberts explains what a woman can to to reduce her ovarian cancer recurrence once she has entered complete remission. tags: CancercancerHowcancer_recurrencecancer_remissioncancer_treatmentDr._Albertsempowher

Common Ovarian Cancer Symptoms

Dr. Alberts names common ovarian cancer symptoms and shares preventive measures for women. tags: CancercancerCommoncancer_diagnosiscancer_preventioncancer_treatmentCommonDr._Alberts

Lung Cancer Treatment Developments

Dr. Shaw explains that lung cancer is not one disease, but consists of many different mutations. By determining the mutation physicians ... tags: CancercancerLungcancer_researchcancer_treatmentcancer_typesDevelopmentsdr._shaw

The MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center's Future

Dr. James Cox talks about how proton therapy at the MD Anderson Cancer Center can be used to treat lung cancer. tags: Andersoncancer_treatmentCenter'sdr._james_coxempowherFutureFutureThe

How to Cope with a Family Member's Cancer Diagnosis

Learning that a loved one has cancer is devastating. But it's important that you remain strong so you can support them through their ... tags: Cancercancer_diagnosiscancer_supportcancer_treatmentCopecoping_with_cancerDiagnosis

Coping with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Marisa Weiss, MD, of breast, explains how to cope with a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. tags: Breastbreast_cancerbreast_cancer_chemobreast_cancer_metastasisbreast_cancer_supportCancercancer_treatment

How to Find the Latest Breast Cancer Research

Marisa Weiss, MD, of breast, explains how to dig up the latest and best breast cancer research. tags: Breastbreast_cancerbreast_cancer_awarenessbreast_cancer_researchbreast_cancer_supportCancercancer_survivors