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How to Impress Your Boss at Office Parties

Believe it or not, an office holiday party or other social event can be a perfect opportunity to make a good impression on your boss. If ... tags: BossBusiness_Career_Coachingbusiness_etiquettegetting_a_promotiongoodholidayHow

How to Follow Proper Business Etiquette in India

Learn a few Indian customs with these tips to avoid any unintentional rudeness. tags: BusinessBusiness_Business_Tipsbusiness_etiquetteEtiquetteFollowfollowingfor

Phone Sales Etiquette

When calling a sales prospect, always state your name and company when you first call. ly, always ask if they have a to chat or if it is a ... tags: business_etiquetteBusiness_SalesEtiquetteetiquette_tipsExpertGeoBeatsPhone_Sales_Etiquette

What to Do When Running Late for a Client Meeting

When you are running late for an important meeting, it can be really stressful. It happens all the time though. The important thing is to ... tags: arden_cliseBusiness_Career_Coachingbusiness_etiquetteClientclient_meetingsclient_meeting_101etiquetteWhat

Handling Issues at Meetings Politely

When you are running a meeting and someone continually goes off topic, it is important to interrupt them and refocus the conversation. ... tags: arden_cliseBusiness_Career_Coachingbusiness_etiquettebusiness_meeting_101business_meeting_managementExpert_SeriesGeoBeats

Introductions and Remembering Names at Work

Has this ever happened to you You are talking to someone and someone else walks up and you do not remember their name so, you do not make ... tags: arden_cliseBusiness_Career_Coachingbusiness_etiquettecolleague_nameseventsIntroductionsExpert_SeriesGeoBeats

Making Business Introductions

In business, introductions are based on authority, not gender. So, if you are meaning to introduce two people, you state the name of the ... tags: arden_cliseBusinessBusiness_Career_Coachingbusiness_etiquettebusiness_introductionsetiquetteetiquetteMaking

Reducing Anxiety at Networking Events

Networking is scary for most people so, if you can remember that, it will help you feel less nervous. When you walk into a networking event ... tags: Anxietyarden_cliseBusiness_Career_Coachingbusiness_etiquetteEventseventsReducingExpert_Series

Getting the Most Out of Networking Events

I'm Arden Clise with Clise Etiquette. To get the most out of a networking event there are four things you can do Number one Before the ... tags: arden_cliseBusiness_Career_Coachingbusiness_etiquettebusiness_networkingetiquetteGettingEventsExpert_Series

Tips on Going to Work While Being Sick

When you are sick, it is best to stay home so that you do not make your co-workers ill but, sometimes you have to go to work. And if that ... tags: arden_cliseBeingBusiness_Career_Coachingbusiness_etiquetteetiquetteTipsExpert_SeriesGeoBeats