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Is Climate Change a Fraud? $300 Million for Health Care Support; Copenhagen Summit

Cali jobless rate rises to 12.5 Rises steal electronic data from top climate research center on Capitol Hill were calling it the ... tags: AlaskaAuditedbubba008009CareCelenteclimateCollapse

Another Obama Failure; Too Poor to Bury Dead; Unemployment Rises

Unemployment Rises U3-9.8 U6-17Detroit Too broke to bury their dead Sept non-farm payrolls plunge 263,000 Olympian gamble ... tags: AlaskaAuditedbubba008009buryCelenteCollapsecrabbydogtrix

Re: White in America; Revolution or Reform

This a response to missesmakawimaxton's video on blacks and whites in America. tags: AlaskaAmericaAuditedblackbubba008009CelenteCollapse

What's Wrong with the Youngest Generations? Homosexuality? Porn?

75 Percent of Oklahoma High School Students Can't Name the First President of the U.S. TV support other channels that expose the truth. tags: AlaskaAuditedbubba008009CelenteCollapsecrabbydogtrixdavincij15

United States of Tyranny?; Obama's Afghan War

Hands-Off Plan Schools Ban Touching To Fight H1N1 aides see need for more troops in AfghanistanAccording to U.S. officials, Many of ... tags: AfghanistanAlaskaAuditedBobbubba008009CelenteChapman

General Motors: Who should we blame?; Home Sales down 19%; Postal Service in Losing Money

Workers say Obama treated autos worse than Wall StMany assembly line autoworkers reacted with skepticism and anger Monday to Obamas ... tags: 602AfghanistanAidAirelonTradingAlaskaaravothAsimo

MASSIVE Job cuts, CitiGroup buys $50M Jet & 1st Centennial Bank FAILS

1st Centennial Bank becomes the third American bank to fail in 2009 Caterpillar, Pfizer, Sprint Nextel and Home Depot cut tens of thousands ... tags: AirelonTradingAlaskaaravothBankbubba008009CentennialCitiGroup

Very Real Possibility of a Depression (Reggie from Ketchikan, AK)

Are your friends and family making fun of you Do they think you're crazy for stocking up on food Well, here's what I have to say about ... tags: AirelonTradingAlaskaAlJazeeraEnglisharavothbubba008009cutdavincij15

Israel denies Aid ship, UK Real Estate $865 billion Debt, Geithner didn't pay taxes

Israel denies Iranian aid ship access to Gaza, Obama's Treasury Secretary pick hasn't paid taxes in years, MI LT. Gov tries to get 3 ... tags: AirelonTradingAlaskaAlJazeeraEnglisharavothbillionbubba008009charges

News: Beoing cuts 4,500 jobs, European Gas Deal, Israel Continues War, Woman sells Virginity

Russia and Ukraine agree to a Gas Deal, Obama vows 4 million jobs, Colemen refuses to give up, Oil drops to 39 and Boeing Cutting 4500 ... tags: AirelonTradingAlaskaAlcoaAlJazeeraEnglisharavothbailoutbubba008009

Peace Activists compilation 2008 - correct

This video shows a few of the wonderful peace activists who have been working to help make our country a better place to live.Peace ... tags: 911activismAlexBohemianHunterBrucebubba008009cv1122