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The Geek and the Panties

Sixteen Candles 1984 - The Geek and the Panties - The Geek Anthony Michael Hall holds court in the boy8217s bathroom where he displays ... tags: Anthony_Michael_HallBillie_BirdBlanche_BakerBrenda_BakerBrian_Doyle-MurrayBryceCarlin_Glynn

Fresh Breath's a Priority in My Life

Sixteen Candles 1984 - Fresh Breath's a Priority in My Life - Sam Molly Ringwald and the Geek Anthony Michael Hall have a frank ... tags: Anthony_Michael_HallBillie_BirdBlanche_BakerBrenda_BakerBrian_Doyle-MurrayBryceCarlin_Glynn

The Geek Dances

Sixteen Candles 1984 - The Geek Dances - The Geek Anthony Michael Hall ambushes Sam Molly Ringwald and tries to dance with her. tags: Anthony_Michael_HallBillie_BirdBlanche_BakerBrenda_BakerBrian_Doyle-MurrayBryceCarlin_Glynn

I Loathe the Bus

Sixteen Candles 1984 - I Loathe the Bus - Sam Molly Ringwald and her friend take a hellish bus ride to school. tags: Anthony_Michael_HallBillie_BirdBlanche_BakerBrenda_BakerBrian_Doyle-MurrayBryceCarlin_Glynn

They Forgot My Birthday

Sixteen Candles 1984 - They Forgot My Birthday - Sam Molly Ringwald is upset when her family forgets her birthday. tags: Anthony_Michael_HallBillie_BirdBlanche_BakerBrenda_BakerBrian_Doyle-MurrayBryceCarlin_Glynn

What's Happening, Hot Stuff?

Sixteen Candles 1984 - What's Happening, Hot Stuff - After Sam8217s Grandma Carole Cook feels her up, Sam Molly Ringwald is surprised in ... tags: Anthony_Michael_HallBillie_BirdBlanche_BakerBrenda_BakerBrian_Doyle-MurrayBryceCarlin_Glynn

Here Comes the Tipsy Bride

Sixteen Candles 1984 - Here Comes the Tipsy Bride - Sam8217s sister, Ginny Blanche Baker, is on too many painkillers at her own wedding and ... tags: Anthony_Michael_HallBillie_BirdBlanche_BakerBrenda_BakerBrian_Doyle-MurrayBryceCarlin_Glynn

Very Clever Dinner

Sixteen Candles 1984 - Very Clever Dinner - Long Duk Dong Gedde Watanabe eats dinner with the Bakers and Grandma forces Sam Molly Ringwald ... tags: Anthony_Michael_HallBillie_BirdBlanche_BakerBrenda_BakerBrian_Doyle-MurrayBryceCarlin_Glynn

Sixteen Candles - Trailer #1

Sixteen Candles 1984 - Trailer 1 - Directed by John Hughes and starring Molly Ringwald, Justin Henry, Michael Schoeffling, Haviland Morris, ... tags: Anthony_Michael_HallBillie_BirdBlanche_BakerBrenda_BakerBrian_Doyle-MurrayBryceCarlin_Glynn

Drunk as a Skunk

Sixteen Candles 1984 - Drunk as a Skunk - The Baker Family finds Long Duk Dong Gedde Watanabe passed out on their lawn and learn that he ... tags: Anthony_Michael_HallBillie_BirdBlanche_BakerBrenda_BakerBrian_Doyle-MurrayBryceCarlin_Glynn

Good Times, Noodle Salad

As Good as It Gets 1997 - Good Times, Noodle Salad - Simon Greg Kinnear tells a story about his father to Carol Helen Hunt, while Melvin ... tags: Beverly_ConnellyBrian_Doyle-MurrayCafe_24_WaitressCarlCarol's_DateCarol_ConnellyCuba_Gooding,_Jr.

The Greatest Woman Alive

As Good as It Gets 1997 - The Greatest Woman Alive - Melvin Jack Nicholson finds the words to convince Carol Helen Hunt that she8217s the ... tags: Beverly_ConnellyBrian_Doyle-MurrayCafe_24_WaitressCarlCarol's_DateCarol_ConnellyCuba_Gooding,_Jr.