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SemanaTech: Os 60 melhores aplicativos do ano

- Google compra a empresa de robtica Boston Dynamics - Carta de Snowden aos brasileiros e a histria do asilo poltico - LG prepara lanamento ... tags: boston_dynamicsEdward_SnowdengoogleGoogle_Chrome_OSinfogamesinfolabinfonews

DRONE COMPETITION: Google Acquires Robotics Giant Boston Dynamics

According to the New York Post, Google officially acquired Boston Dynamics. The robotics giant is known for its animal-like machines- one ... tags: amazonboston_dynamicscheetahdronesgooglenewsbreakernew_york_post

Why Google Bought Robot Maker Boston Dynamics

Google has just bought Boston Dynamics, a maker of futuristic military-grade robots. CBC business commentator Kevin O'Leary explains ... tags: Boston_DynamicsCbcGoogleKevin_Oleary

Google takes on advanced robotics with acquisition

12/16/13 Google swept up another robotics company with its acquisition of Boston Dynamics. The future of robots could be a lot closer than ... tags: AndroidBoston_DynamicsgooglenavypetmanRemy_BRemy_Blaire_technology

Bubba Watson's BW1 hovercraft golf cart, Ep. 116

Oakley and golf champ Bubba Watson have teamed to build the world's first hovercraft golf cart. A physicist invents a way to write e-mail ...

Wild Cat, le robot qui court plus vite qu'un guépard!!

Voici l'un des futurs armements de l'arme amricaine, le 'Wild Cat' pourra aller effectuer des missions o l'homme n'aura pas accs et avec ...

Wild Cat Robot running faster than a Cheetah!! Boston Dynamics 2013

Boston Dynamics and DARPA collaborate to create state-of-the-art robots that may have utility in the military, such as for search and ...

Four-legged robot known as WildCat sprints at 16mph

Boston Dynamics, a robotics company, released a video Thursday to introduce the world to 'WildCat,' the company's four-legged robot that ...

High Speed Video Gets More Affordable - GeekBeat.TV

The cities we'll be visiting soon, ultra high-speed video on a budget, 100 bills jammed with anti-counterfeiting measures, the latest robot ...

Vierbeiniger Roboter galoppiert über Parkplatz

Sie klingt so schrill wie eine Kettensge. Doch die sthlerne Raubkatze ist doch von etwas komplexerer Natur. Wildcat heit der neue Roboter ...

Watch: Boston Dynamics' "wild" new robot

Wildcat is the latest version of Boston Dynamics' tethered Cheetah robot which, in 2012, became the fastest legged robot in the world, ...