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First-Of-Its-Kind Dinosaur Found With Rooster-Like Crest

The new specimen is a duck-billed dino with a fleshy adornment on its head. It was found in a rock formation in Alberta, Canada. tags: bonesCanadacombdinosaurEdmontosauraus_regalisfleshy_crestfossil

Blender practicando movimientos personaje pigis script

video de practica , realizando movimientos a un personaje mediante el uso de rig bones en blender

'King of Gore' dinosaur unveiled

The Lythronax argestes dinosaur has been unveiled by paleontologists in Utah. The animal was thought to be T.rex's Great Uncle. Report by ...

Oklahoma State students uncover mammoth near Enid

Students say they have found a mammoth site near Enid, Okla.

Bones Season 9 Wedding, Walking Dead and Homeland Previews – Spoiler Alert!

Michael Ausiello and Matt Mitovich talk Bones Season 9 Wedding, Walking Dead Season 4 and Homeland Season 3. Plus Beauty and the Beast ...

Why You Should Turn Fish Bones into Salt

Maria Finn, author of The Whole Fish, knows there are a lot of health benefits to eating fish, and those benefits can be found in more than ...

Quand les éco-quartiers redessinent nos villes

Avec prs de 45 co-quartiers, les grandes villes franaises investissent de plus en plus dans la construction durable. Lumire naturelle, eau ...

Thousands of remains of long-dead Londoners unearthed

Construction of Britain's 73-mile Crossrail line unearthed a trove of ancient artifacts and the remains of long-dead Londoners. Crossrail ...

The Cast of Bones Sound Off On PS4 Vs. Xbox One

Eugene Byrd and Ryan Cartwright talk about how Nintendo really won E3.Features Reviews - Guides - - NASL eSports - Gaming - - - Live -

Bones Found in NY Could Connect to 75-Year-Old Cold Case

Investigators' only lead is a ninth grader's school project, which describes a homeowner leaving for Germany the same year a woman ...

Bones, All about Steve... La Speakerine vous donne les programmes du jeudi soir

Bones, All about Steve... La Speakerine vous donne les programmes du jeudi soir

Angry Nerd - Chris Baker Responds To YouTubers About Wolverine's Origin Story

Chris Baker responds to YouTube comments on his impatience with Wolverine's claws. Here's a hint, folks Don't tell an Angry Nerd that 'it's ...