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The Price Is Right Contestant Slips & Tackles George!!

After winning Most Expensive, the contestant ran to give George a hug, but caught her foot on the rug and ended up tackling him. tags: BêtisierblooperContestantgeorge_price_rightJeu_téléviséLe_Juste_PrixThe_Price_Is_Right

Putiadas Megaman X5

Facebook Compilado de varias cosas graciosas del Jugando de Megaman X5.Si les gusto el video por favor denle me gusta, suscribanse y ... tags: APCBlooperMegaman_X5

Second Sun - ArmA 3

As you can see, I praise the sun. \/______________________________Get ArmA 2, ArmA 3, DayZ Standalone, and other BIS titles from the ... tags: arma_3Arma_IIIBattleblooperco-opcombatComedy

Hellmouth Nov-Dec 2013 Bloopers and Outtakes!!

SUBSCRIBE LIKE SHARE SEXY HELLMOUTH MERCH Get Hellmouth T-Shirts Here HAUNT SAUCE Hot Sauce 9 each + 6 Shipping/Packaging Any ... tags: BlooperfunnyHalloweenhalloween_hellmouthHellmouthJokeouttake

Ultimate Weather Bloopers Of 2013 Compilation

The weather report is always the same, either its sunny and warm, or cloudy and cold with precipitation. So its always a treat when some ... tags: best_weather_blooperblooperfunnyhumornewssunsunny

Ultimate News Bloopers Of 2013 Compilation

Its been a crazy year on television. Youd think in this day and age with the aid of technology, news anchors and reporters would have less ... tags: blooperCompilationFunfunnyhumorlaughnews

We're all going to hell

Valentino attempts communication with the rescued hostage, his 'brother'.Watch another blooper from this mission from Loster's perspective ... tags: arma_3Arma_IIIBattleBetabloopercombatComedy

We're doing a what? - ArmA 3

Ladies and Gents, I present Captain Rittenhouse.This is what happens when you go from being the SgtMaj to being an officer.I fucked up the ... tags: arma_3Arma_IIIBattleblooperco-opcombatComedy

Debrief Time Fun Time - ArmA 3

I don't even...Watch Ferreiro 'Up shit' again Standards Reference ArmA 2, ArmA 3, and other BIS titles from the BIStore out Jest serversno ... tags: arma_3Arma_IIIblooperco-opComedyfunnygameplay

That wasn't funny, Valentino - ArmA 3

Ok, maybe it was a little funny.For those of you that don't 'get it'. Watch my character very closely at 023. Pause the video even. But ... tags: arma_3Arma_IIIBattleblooperco-opcombatComedy

ArmA 3 Pre Mission Shenanigans

It's not super serious -all the time-.Actually this is probably a more accurate portrayal of how people in the military really act than any ... tags: arma_3Arma_IIIBattleblooperco-opcombatComedy