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Canadian resident becomes first H5N1 bird flu fatality in North America

A woman has died in Canada from the H5N1 strain of bird flu after becoming ill a week ago following a visit to Beijing.It is the first ... tags: becomesBird_fluCanadaCanadianChinafatalityflu

New Bird Flu Strain Infects First Human

The first confirmed case of a new strain of bird flu virus was reported in Taiwan. tags: bird_fluH6N1H6N1_bird_fluH6N1_virushealth_newsTaiwan_bird_fluTaiwan_flu

Headlines: New strain of bird flu is one of the most lethal

'CBS This Morning' takes a look at some of the day's headlines from around the globe.

New bird flu H7N9: Human-to-human transmission reported

The H7N9 strain of bird flu may be able to spread from one person to another, Chinese scientists are reporting in the British Medical ...

H7N9 bird flu may transmit between people

Daily health headlines Evidence new bird flu in China spread from dad to daughter, CDC finds preschool obesity rates falling, study shows ...

Four new cases of bird-flu in China

Chinese authorities have announced four new cases of a new strain of bird-flu, taking the total to seven.The virus has killed two people ... tags: Birdbird-flucasesChinaeuronewsfluFour

China mobilises to fight new bird-flu

China is mobilising resources across the country to combat a new strain of deadly bird flu.So far 10 people have been confirmed infected by ... tags: AsiaBirdbird-fluChinaeuronewsfightflu

Controversial Bird Flu Research to be Published

The World Health Organization WHO decides two research experiments involving the H5N1 virus should be published in full. tags: avian_fluavian_flu_terrorismbird_flubird_flu_attackh1n1_attackh1n1_releaseh1n1_terrorism

Labs Agree to 60-Day Halt on Deadly Flu Research

While the scientific community argues over a lab-created bird flu strain, the researchers agree to a 60-day moratorium. tags: avian_influenzabiological_weaponbioterrorismbird_flubird_flu_researchh5n1newsy