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Bacteria Turn Carbon Dioxide into Oil | Made in Germany

Raw materials are in increasingly short supply, so replacing them with waste sounds like a dream come true. Biotechnology makes that ... tags: baceriaBiotechnologyCarbonmaterialsraw

L'International à Sup'Biotech

La dimension internationale est dterminante dans le cursus de SupBiotech, avec de nombreux cours se droulant en anglais. Via son service ... tags: biotechnologyexperienceInternationallivingpartnerrelationschool

Budget 2013 Highlights : Indian Institute of Biotechnology will be set up at Ranchi

Budget 2013 Highlights Indian Institute of Biotechnology will be set up at Ranchi For a quick look at the Day's top business and finance ... tags: 2013BiotechnologyBudgetEconomyEducationIndiaIndian

Challenge for FDA Regulators in a Global Market

Challenge for FDA Regulators in a Global MarketSage Bionetworks - Hyatt RegencyNew opportunities for sharing data, including an update on ... tags: biosciencebiotechnologydataFranciscoHyattRegencySage

Looking Back at Three Years of Sage Commons Congress

Looking Back at Three Years of Sage Commons CongressSage Bionetworks - Hyatt RegencyWhy Can't We Build Better Models of Disease Stephen H. ... tags: biologybiosciencebiotechnologydiseaseFranciscoFriendHyatt

Kenyans Skeptical of Agricultural Biotechnology

Supporters of agricultural biotechnology say that modified crops may help to solve food security problems in developing countries like ... tags: agriculturalbiotechnologyfoodgeneticallygmoKenyamodified

Haitian Biodigesters Stop Waste of Waste

In Haiti's capital of Port-au-Prince, an organization is using biodigesters to make sure that waste never goes to waste.Powered by ... tags: biotechnologyearthquakeenergyhaitiPort-au-Princepovertywaste

Patenting Human DNA: What Will the Supreme Court Decide?

The case centers around a suit filed against Utah-based biotechnology firm Myriad Genetics' patent of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. tags: biotechnologycompanyDNAgenespatentpatentingto

Biotechnology to fight air pollution

Using biotechnology to fight pollution is the challenge for a European Union research project. Under the spotlight - a specific kind of ... tags: airBiologyBiotechnologyeuronewsfightfuturisGermany

Big Data Weather: Tracking Tornadoes Goes High-Tech

Big Data Weather Tracking Tornadoes Goes High-TechSage Bionetworks - Grand Hyatt San FranciscoKelvin Droegemeier's research involves the ... tags: BiologicalbiotechbiotechnologyDroegemeierFranciscogenomeGrand


Die Lokalnachrichten aus Bblingen vom 12.12.2012, heute u.a. Neun Jahre Schulbank drcken - Energiewechsler - Biotechnology zum Anfassen tags: Böblingenbiotechnologylokalnachrichtenschulbank