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Demo of Sony's 3D Digital Recording Binoculars

Team SGNL gets their hands on Sony's Digital Recording Binoculars - the first binoculars that can record HD video, in either 2D or 3D. They ... tags: 3dbinocularsbirdwatchersbirdwatchinghdnatureoptical

Sweet hairy blondes cycling in the countryside

Abraham Lincoln twin daughters Drink in moderation / Too late The two weirdos / Ask the parents...Plus de Pubs ... Tous droits rservs. ... tags: “SpecialBeardedBinocularsDeliveryDrinkEffects”Herring

FIRST LOOK: Brand new Sony Digital Recording Binoculars

We take a look at the brand new Sony Digital Recording Binoculars, DEV-50V/B. tags: 3dbinocluarsbinocularsdigitalsony

Optics Review: Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10X25 Mid-Size Binocular

After handling full-size binoculars for a week, our test team expected this trim, pocket-size bino to be a toy. Its not. tags: andrewbinocbinocularsfocusglassmckeanoptics

Optics Review: Alpen Apex XP 8X42 Full-Size Binocular

The 8x42 XP joins a family of priced-right Alpens very good glass and hunter-friendly amenities at a fantastic price. tags: andrewbinocbinocularsClarityfocusglassoptics

Optics Review: Swarovski EL Range 8X42 Full-Size Binocular

Theres nothing new about integrating a laser rangefinder into a binocular, but no one has done it nearly as competently or as elegantly as ... tags: binocbinocularsClarityfocusglassopticsperformance

Rifle Scope Review: Oculus 4-16x42

This submission from Oculus, a new brand in the category, features better-than-average glass and hand-filling balance. tags: binocularsClarityfocusglasslow-lightopticsperformance

Rifle Scope Review: Leupold VX-2 3-9x40

This was not only the lightest scope in the categorythe 39x40 we tested weighed just 10.8 ounces, thanks to lead-free glass in its 1-inch ... tags: andrewbinocbinocularsClarityfocusglassoptics

Optics Review: Meostar B1 10X42 Full-Size Binocular

Lets be clear This is the Meopta Meostar B1, which won our Editors Choice award in the category. Its rebranded by Cabelas, whose optics ... tags: 8X42andrewbinocbinocularscabelasdurableglass

Optics Review: Kowa SV 8X32 Mid-Size Binocular

Team members either loved or hated the red kissy-lips bling on the hinge, but were unanimous in praising the Kowas solid hunting chops. tags: binocbinocularsfocusglassmckeanperformanceresolution

Optics Review: Kruger Backcountry 10X32 Mid-Size Binocular

This handy little binocular surprised the entire panel by delivering a very good image in a small, well-built package. tags: binocularsClarityfocusglasslow-lightperformanceresolution