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Bill Clinton's Mistake - Prime Time Report

Feb 27, 2012 - LPAC report addressing the demoralization of the American people, especially the Democratic Party, that has resulted from ... tags: Bill Clintonbritish empirecapitulation to ObamaHillary ClintonimpeachmentlarouchepacNero

Obama's Thermonuclear Holocaust: President Clinton's Terrible Mistake

Feb 27, 2012 - The March 4th elections in Russia could very well be the trigger for British puppet Obama to launch thermonuclear war. Yet ... tags: 25th AmendmentBill ClintonBritish empirecapitulation to Obamaeconomic collapseHillary Clintonimpeach

How Lady Gaga & Scarlett Johansson Own the Red Carpet

The Young Hollywood Studio welcomes Bruce Grayson, the head make-up artist for the Academy Awards ceremony, who describes the surprisingly ... tags: Academy AwardsAward Season SecretsBeautyBill ClintonBruce GraysonCelebritiesCelebrities Interview

Clint Eastwood: The Best President of All Time is...

Since Clint Eastwood has been alive for a long, LONG time -- he was the perfect guy to chat with about who was THE BEST president of all ... tags: abraham lincolnamericabarack obamabill clintonclint eastwoodcommercialeisenhower

Ashley's Valentine: Mitt or Newt?

In honor of Valentine's Day, Ashley is picking out her Valentine for this year and it's between the GOP candidates for President Mitt ... tags: AmericaAnalysisashleyashleys hugtimeashleyshugtimeBarackBarack Obama

American Experience | The Oklahoma City Bombing | PBS

See the full film at After the Oklahoma City Bombing, Clinton's ability to reach Americans on a personal level did much to ... tags: american experienceBill ClintonClintonOklahoma City BombingPBSPresident Clintonpresidential crisis

American Experience | Battle over the Budget | PBS

See the full film at Clinton's 'triangulation' strategy was an attempt to take control of the budget from the Republicans in ... tags: american experienceBill ClintonClintonClinton budgetClinton economyDee Dee MyersMedicaid

American Experience | Passing the Budget Bill | PBS

See the full film at The vote on the budget bill came down to a Freshman Democrat, Marjorie Margolis Mezvinsky. Senator Tom ... tags: American ExperienceBill ClintonBudget BillClintonClinton budgetMarjorie Margolis MazvinskyNewt Gingrich

American Experience | Clinton | The Lewinsky Scandal | PBS

See the full film at Clinton understood how the allegations of a sexual relationship with a White House intern could derail ... tags: american experienceBill ClintonClintondick morrisLewinsky scandalMonica Lewinskypbs

American Experience | Clinton | Hillary | PBS

See the full film at First Lady Hillary Clinton was blamed for the poor showing during the 1994 midterm elections. 'Voters ... tags: American ExperienceBill ClintonClintonDick MorrisFirst Ladyfirst lady clintonHillary Clinton

American Experience | Clinton | Clinton's Carson Appearance | PBS

See the full film at In 1988, Bill Clinton bungled the biggest speech of his young career during the Democratic National ... tags: Bill ClintonCarsonClintonClinton saxaphoneHarry ThomasonJohnny CarsonJohnny Carson show

American Experience | Clinton | Clinton Behind the Scenes | PBS

See the full film at A behind the scenes look at American Experience's newest Presidential biography 'Clinton.' tags: American Experiencebehind the scenesBill ClintonClintonClinton documentaryPBSPresident Clinton