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New possible bigfoot video - breakdown

Uploaded by WiiStandUnited on Feb 12, 2012 'I was on my way back inside after playing basketball when I glanced out at the tree line and ... tags: Bigfootbigfoot_evidencesasquatchSquatchyeti

True Mysteries breakdwon

This video was uploaded about a year or so ago to youtube. The video was so dark you could not see the figure in it. So after reading some ... tags: bigfootbigfoot_evidencebigfoot_videocreaturecrypto_crewsasquatchsquatch

Some Tree Breaks - What caused this?

We took a small hike trip and found some interesting tree breaks. We are not saying these are 100 percent done by a bigfoot.We just wanted ... tags: bigfootbigfoot_evidencecrytpo_crewhikeresearchsasquatchtree_breaks

Bigfoot Track Found - Tom Baker interview

The Crypto Crew Interview Series - Interview with Tom Baker who recently found a possible bigfoot track while on an expedition with Ridge ... tags: bigfootbigfoot_evidencecrypto_crewInterviewresearchsasquatchsquatch

The Fering Film Breakdown

Original upload by BigfootBeliever2012 Known as the Fering film. This was shot by Daniel Fering and his friend. Shows a real Sasquatch as ... tags: bigfootbigfoot_evidencebreakdowncrypto_crewfinding_bigfootsasquatchSquatch

Stacy Brown FLIR Footage Enhancement

By now most have seen or heard about the Stacy Brown FLIR bigfoot/skunk ape footage. I contacted Stacy and ask him to tell me how the ... tags: bigfootbigfoot_evidencecrypto_crewFlirsasquatchSkunk_Apesquatch

Bigfoot Reply Knocks recorded

This was recorded in Upstate New York. The Researcher is Billy Mills. This video is brought to you by Renegade Bigfoot Society,N.E.B.O The ... tags: Bigfootbigfoot_evidencecrypto_crewknockssasquatchSquatchwood_ape

Possible Bigfoot eyeshine

I was sent the following video of possible bigfoot eye shine and it was filmed from inside a truck. We are currently working with the ... tags: bigfootbigfoot_evidencecrypto_creweyeshinesasquatchYeti

Russian Bigfoot Breakdown

Reportedly this is one of the video to be featured as a real sasquatch in the Erickson Video. It moves fast in the deep snow. Thanks Please ... tags: bigfootbigfoot_evidenceCryptozoologycrypto_crewsasquatchYetiYowie

Northern Bigfoot Breakdown

This was reportedly shot in October in Seattle. It is a very interesting video, it looks very human like and I do not think it is a suit. ... tags: Bigfootbigfoot_evidenceCryptozoologycrypto_crewreal_bigfootsasquatchYeti

Maryland bigfoot breakdown

Maryland bigfoot. I have attempted to enhance the video. Thanks for watching. Check out our website tags: Bigfootbigfoot_evidencecrypto_crewsasquatchsquatchYeti

Knocks,whoops and tracks

Could this be some sound from bigfoot. Thanks please visit our website tags: bigfootbigfoot_evidencecrypto_crewsasquatchwhoopsyeti