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Bigfoot Videos - 3 by Popular

Yellowtop bigfoot breakdown

Ol' yellow top bigfoot, real or fake - some say it was for a movie and others think it could be real. Thanks tags: BigfootReal_or_FakesasquatchSquatchYellowtopYetiyowie

Research trip in woods

This video is from a couple years ago. I took a trip out in the woods and found a snake in the dead of winter. Thanks tags: bigfootChristmasresearchsasquatchsquatchwoodsYeti

Wisconsin Sasquatch breakdown

Bigfoot in Wisconsin - I have attempted to enhance the video and think I have proven it to be a fake. Thanks tags: BigfootcreatureCryptozoologycrypto_crewHoaxreal_or_fakesasquatch

Bigfoot, yeti, sasquatch breakdown

I was contacted by WiiStandUnited,the original uploader of this video, he wanted me to do a breakdown of his video and see if I can pull ... tags: bigfootcreaturecrypto_crewsasquatchstrangeunknownyeti

White bigfoot in Soybeans

Central Ohio- creature walking through the soybeans. Is this a white bigfoot Thanks tags: bigfootsasquatchSquatchwhite_bigfootwildmanyeti

What should I take bigfooting?

Many times I'm ask what should I take with me when searching for bigfoot. So I made this little video. Thanks tags: Bigfootcrypto_crewresearchsasquatchSquatchTipsYeti

What is this - breakdown

Some type of creature checks out a camera, some think it could be a bigfoot but I think I prove it is not a bigfoot. Thanks tags: animalBigfootcrypto_crewraccoonsasquatchYeti

New possible bigfoot video - breakdown

Uploaded by WiiStandUnited on Feb 12, 2012 'I was on my way back inside after playing basketball when I glanced out at the tree line and ... tags: Bigfootbigfoot_evidencesasquatchSquatchyeti

Vermont trail cam bigfoot

Is this a game cam photo of a bigfoot stealing apples some say it has a baby hanging on to it. Some say this is nothing more than an owl ... tags: applesBigfootcrypto_crewsasquatchSquatchVermont

True Mysteries breakdwon

This video was uploaded about a year or so ago to youtube. The video was so dark you could not see the figure in it. So after reading some ... tags: bigfootbigfoot_evidencebigfoot_videocreaturecrypto_crewsasquatchsquatch

Some Tree Breaks - What caused this?

We took a small hike trip and found some interesting tree breaks. We are not saying these are 100 percent done by a bigfoot.We just wanted ... tags: bigfootbigfoot_evidencecrytpo_crewhikeresearchsasquatchtree_breaks

TCC at Paranormal Awards 2013

The Crypto Crew was at the 2013 paranormal awards - this is some photos from that night. Thanks tags: awardsbigfootcrypto_crewJason_MorseParanormalsasquatchSquatch