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TV: I Vote 4 Energy

This video spoofing an actual American Petroleum Institute 'Vote4Energy' commercial shows how Big Oil has to fake citizen support for dirty ... tags: accessadvertisementamerican petroleum institutebig oilbigoilbpbrand jamming

Slick Conoco Phillips commercial is leading us away from renewable energy

Wow, what a fabulously misleading commercial. I saw this commercial for the first time about three or four weeks ago. I was struck by its ... tags: 100_yearsacademiaassumptionsbenzeneBig_Oilcarcinogencommercial

Letter To Super-Committee: End Oil Subsidies

Coordinator for the Dirty Energy Money Campaign Ross Hammond speaks with Cenk Uygur on The Young Turks about the attempt to have the ... tags: bigoilcenkuygurdirtyenergyletterdirtyenergymoneycampaignfossilfuelsoilsubsidiesrosshammond

Snipes In Jail, Corporations Evade Taxes Legally

MSNBC host Cenk Uygur speaks with Jesse Drucker of Bloomberg News on how corporations legally evade taxes at the cost of American taxpayers. tags: BermudaBigOilCenkCiscoCorporationsDemocratsDoubleIrish

Cars 2 = Liberal Propaganda?

Some conservatives are arguing that the Pixar film Cars 2 is a leftist film that tries to brainwash kids into hating oil companies. Cenk ... tags: ActorsAnaBiasBigOilCars2CenkChildren

With $42 billion and seven homes, why are the Kochs buying our democracy?

Charles and David Koch are worth 42 billion and make 13 million every day while vulnerable Americans struggle to afford shelter and ... tags: big_oilBrave_New_FoundationCato_InstituteCharles_Kochclimate_change_denialDavid_Kochenvironment

Gas Prices Changing Lives

The high cost of gas is forcing Americans to change the way they live. tags: altering_livesbig_oilbusinesschangeFeaturesgas_pricesGMA

The Tsunami Was An Inside Job

The Tsunami Was An Inside... 118 Japan's Tsunami might have been man-made. But maybe not. I dunno. Kinda Cute Keywords ... tags: a-bomba_bombbig_oilconspiracyinside_jobobamaParody