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Is Capital Punishment Color Blind?

Danalynn Recer, founder and executive director of the Gulf Region Advocacy Center, discusses accusations that race affects sentencing in ... tags: biasbiaseddataexecutedexecutionsjudgesjury

Who are the Islam Haters?

A look at different islamophobic individuals and the biased media who are responsible for spreading Islamophobia prejudice against, hatred ... tags: abc Ali Ayaan bbc biased dangerous fox

Camera Shy: RT behind Syria's media-proof wall

To Syria now, where the government is accused of yet more vicious and deadly assaults on its restive cities. But with most foreign ... tags: Alice Hibbert Bashar Assad biased crisis dialog Europe fighting

Resolute Struggle: Russia steps up for Syria

Fresh diplomatic efforts to end the ongoing violence in Syria have been made by Russia, as it's introduced its own draft UN resolution. ... tags: Anissa Naouai Bashal Assad biased crisis dialog Europe fighting

David Starkey tries to talk about the English Riots on Newsnight

David Starkey tries to talk about the English Riots on the BBCs flagship current affairs program Newsnight. He's never able to finish a ... tags: AsianBBCbiasbiasedblackBritishbroadcasting

Why Do Americans Continue to Deny Climate Change?

According to journalist Mark Hertsgaard, the United States remains the only advanced industrial nation still debating the existence of ... tags: academyadaptationagwalternativeatmospherebiasbiased

Serbia clears 'Hadzic Hoop' to jump on sinking EU ship?

Serbia's expecting progress on its EU integration bid following the arrest of war crimes suspect Goran Hadzic. That had remained a key ... tags: arrest Belgrade biased capture court crime Croatia