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Beliefs Videos - 4 by Popular

Richard Dawkins Vs Bill O'Reilly: God, Atheists & The Bible

Famous Atheist and biologist Richard Dawkins debated Fox News host Bill O'Reilly about Christianity, The Bible, God, atheists and ... tags: Atheism Atheists Be billoreillyatheists Creationists dawkinsatheism dawkinsbooks

The Church Jesus Built

Why are there so many diverse, conflicting practices in Christianity What truly is the Church Learn the Bible's answer.Watch this ... tags: assembly Baptist beliefs Body of Christ called out cathedral Catholic

Christian 'Science' Book On Electricity

A 4th grade Christian science textbook created as part of a homeschool curriculum has an interesting interpretation of electricity based on ... tags: atheismfoxnews Bible biblescience billoreillyatheist bobjonesuniversity christia christianright

Summit 2012 - Beyond Chaos! Part Two

This is Part Two of a multi-part video upload from Summit 2012 - Beyond Chaos held September 16-18, 2011 at the Green Valley Resort in St. ... tags: DNA earth enlightenment god religion sacredsarrah sky

Christopher Hitchens: How Religion Is Like North Korea

Christopher Hitchens compares monotheistic belief to a despotic dictatorship, similar to his observations of North Korea. The key ... tags: afterlifeatheismatheistbeliefbeliefsbiblebiblical

Giant Cross In Yard Annoys Neighbors

An elderly women in Los Angeles has annoyed neighbors by putting a 25 foot cross in her front yard to express her Christian beliefs. Cenk ... tags: Agnostic anakasparian Atheist Beliefs cenkuygur Christian christiancross

Christopher Hitchens: God Is Not Great

In this classic, author, journalist and noted atheist Christopher Hitchens gives a rollicking commentary on his case against the ... tags: afterlifeatheismatheistbeliefbeliefsbiblebiblical

Changing The Beliefs About Yourself?

to watch this video on YouTubeWe often think that changing a certain behavior like overeating is often the hardest part of change, but in ... tags: beliefschange_lifestylechangingfood_for_thoughtHealthphilip_mccluskeypodcasts

Projective stupidity and Jesus

Did you actually expect me to believe that Video transcript Follow me tags: apologetics appearances argument beliefs bible christian christianity