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Step By Step Guide To Epee Fencing

This video tutorial teaches you the basics of epee fencing. tags: basicsbeginnersepeefencefencingforhow

Yoga for Beginners: Reduce Stress

This is a pranayam. This helps you calm your mind. It also helps in reducing stress. tags: beginnersclassforworkoutYoga

Yoga for Women: Cleansing and Meditation

This is a nasal cleansing technique. It also makes your mind calm making you meditate. This cleans up the energy pathway making you fresh. ... tags: beginnersclassforworkoutYoga

Yoga for Digestion: Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog This is one of the most basic poses. It helps people suffering from digestive problems. It also provides a good stretch ... tags: beginnersdigestionforworkoutYoga

Yoga for Relaxation

This posture will help you relax your mind and body. Once your body is relaxed your inner organs and system improve their functioning. It ... tags: beginnersclassforworkoutYoga

General Level 4 Yoga: Advanced Back Bend

This posture is a advanced version of dhanurasana. Only People who have mastered the basic back bends should try this advanced pose. tags: beginnersclassforworkoutYoga

General Level 4 Yoga: Fish Pose

This pose relieves tension in your neck, throat, and shoulders.It strengthens your upper back and the back of your neck. Relieves stress ... tags: beginnersclassforworkoutYoga

Yoga for Old Age: Simha Mudra

This mudra will help stretch your throat. It also gives a good massage to your thyroid and para thyroid glands. This mudra will regulate ... tags: beginnersclassforworkoutYoga

General Level 4 Yoga: Best Posture

This is one of the best postures in this level. It helps the blood flow towards the upper body. Also helps the abdominal organs.It is very ... tags: beginnersclassforworkoutYoga

Yoga for Seniors: Tongue Lock

This is a special series of yoga postures specially for seniors . The Tongue Lock massages and improves functioning of the thyroid and para ... tags: beginnersclassforworkoutYoga

Yoga to Tone Your Legs

This pose will help you tone your legs. It also helps people suffering with ankle problems. It also stretches the calf and hamstrings. tags: beginnersclassforworkoutYoga