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Pantene Ad Urges Women to Fight Workplace Stereotypes

A Pantene Philippines ad for its 'Whip It' campaign highlights stereotypes women face in the workplace and encourages women to be strong ... tags: battle_of_the_sexesfeminismhairLean_InPantenePantene_adPantene_commercial

Episode 1

Are men or women more likely to Get a taxi to stop for them Prefer to sleep in the nude To suffer from E.D. Have used the services of Dr. ... tags: actingbattle_of_the_sexesDr._KevorkianfilmsGame_ShowJennifer_Colemen

Episode 4

Are men or women more likely to Tend to eat more peanut butter chunky style Bounce a check Shave an average of 6,336 times over a lifetime ... tags: 336_timesaveragebattle_of_the_sexesBouncecheckchunkyGame_Show

Episode 10

Are men or women more likely to Spend a total of 22 days shaving Speed up to stop a car from merging in front of them Change their ... tags: 22_days3_timesbattle_of_the_sexescarChangegalactariaGame_Show

Episode 8

Are men or women more likely to Give better tips in restaurants Be less likely to say their name on answering machine messages Enjoy wet ... tags: answeringbadbattle_of_the_sexesEnjoyGame_ShowJennifer_Colekisses

Episode 12

Are men or women more likely to Leave a note on a car after denting it Lie Spend more time washing their genitals Have more casino gamblers ... tags: battle_of_the_sexescarcasinodenting_itgamblersGame_Showgenitals

Episode 11

Are men or women more likely to Get turned on by a belly button Lie about the size of their waist After a date will say 'I'll call ya' and ... tags: battle_of_the_sexesbellybuttondatedippingGame_ShowJennifer_Cole

Episode 13

Are men or women more likely to To have a hearing disorder Twist an Oreo cookie Wash their car more than once a week Have had brachioplasty ... tags: battle_of_the_sexesbrachioplastybrokecardisorderFearGame_Show

Episode 6

Are men or women more likely to Salt their meat Be involved in a traffic accident while making a left turn Pee in the ocean Catch a cold ... tags: battle_of_the_sexescoldGame_ShowinternetinvolvedJennifer_Colemeat

Episode 5

Are men or women more likely to Wear the wrong size underwear over 85 percent Have fuller lips Throw their shoes at someone Be rescued by a ... tags: 85_percentarrestedbattle_of_the_sexesfullerGame_ShowJennifer_Colelifeguard

Episode 2

Are men or women more likely to Get into less car accidents Prefer blue bedrooms more than any color Score higher on SAT's Make a booty ... tags: battle_of_the_sexesbedroomsbluebootycallcar_accidentscolor

Episode 9

Are men or women more likely to Eat more when they're happy Sport tattoos Change their minds Tell you that there is toilet paper stuck to ... tags: 52_minutesaveragebattle_of_the_sexesbottomChangeEatGame_Show