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Bankruptcy Videos - 3 by Popular

Why did Detroit declare bankruptcy? Ask USA TODAY

Didn't President Obama say that he saved Detroit If that's the case, then why did the city declare bankruptcy The answer is a bit complex, ...

Kodak Seeks Court Approval For Reorganization Plan

Kodak is due in bankruptcy court as it seeks approval for its plan to emerge from Chapter 11 protection.A confirmation hearing in New York ... tags: BankruptcyBusinessdigitalfinanceKodakPersonalphotography

Kodak Gets Court Approval For Bankruptcy Plan

A federal judge has approved Kodak's plan to emerge from bankruptcy protection. Judge Allan Gropper's ruling paves the way for the ... tags: AntonioBankruptcyCodeEastmanKodakPlanPrez

Detroit Unions File Challenge To City's Bankruptcy Petition

Detroit's unions filed a challenge to the city's historic bankruptcy filing, contending that the city has not met key requirements to seek ... tags: BankruptcyCourtDomesticEconomicsinKarenMichigan

Creditors face deadline in Detroit bankruptcy case

Banks, bond insurers, employee pension systems and others who believe they are owed money by Detroit are up against the clock to legally ... tags: BankruptcycrisisDebtDETROITfinancialLate-2000sStates

Detroit awaits challenges to bankruptcy eligibility

Unions, creditors and retirees are expected to file formal objections to Detroits eligibility for bankruptcy protection, the opening of a ... tags: BabiarzbankruptcyBruceCourtDistrictFederalOrr

Law Office of Brad Weil Video - Carson Bankruptcy Attorney

Law Office of Brad Weil - Carson, CA United Stateswww.bradweillaw.comWe are a Bankruptcy Law firm. We stop repossessions, foreclosures, ... tags: BankruptcyBradCACarsonLawofOffice

DOJ challenges American-US Airways merger

08/13/13 The Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit to block the planned merger of US Airways and American Airlines. Both ... tags: airlinesamericanbankruptcycontinentalgroupRemyTempe

Asia mixed, U.S. stocks dip

08/09/13 On a quiet day for economic data, U.S. futures were in the red. Meanwhile, strong data out of China helped see mixed markets ... tags: bankruptcyDowFederalJonesNYFPnyfpbusinesscenterReserve

Detroit Red Wings to Get New Arena Amid Bankruptcy Dispute

Detroit city officials approved a multi-million dollar project in the middle of the city's bankruptcy filing. tags: arenabankruptcycasedetroitmichigannewsred

THE INTERVIEW - Douglas Bernstein, Bankruptcy Lawyer

Detroit, once the booming engine of America's auto industry, has become the largest major US city to file for bankruptcy protection. Was ... tags: autobankruptcydebteconomyfrance24industryinterview

Pensions at stake in Detroit bankruptcy filing

Detroit, often called motor city for being the heart of America's auto industry filed for bankruptcy last week, making it the largest ... tags: AusterityAutoBankruptcyEconomyIndustryPension