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Bailout Videos - 3 by Popular

Billions from Brussels - Enough to Help Spain? | Made in Germany

Bailout Billions from Brussels - Enough to Help Spain We discuss the issue with Hans-Peter Burghof from the University of Hohenheim.Find ...

Portugal - The Decline of a Colonial Power | Global 3000

Along with Greece and Ireland, Portugal was the third EU member to receive an international bailout. It's now deep in recession, forcing a ...

Ireland - From Junk Status to Fragile Growth | Made in Germany

Ireland's economy grew by 1.3 per cent in the first quarter of 2011, the strongest growth in three years. Does that mean things are looking ...

Inside "Occupy Wall Street" protesters' camp

CBS News correspondent Bigad Shaban reports on the village set up by the 'Occupy Wall Street' demonstrators in a downtown New York City ...

Obama arrives at G20 as Euro crisis grows

CBS News chief White House correspondent Norah O'Donnell reports from the G-20 economic summit, in Nice, France, where Pres. Obama arrived ...

Greece's prime minister steps down

Greece's Prime Minister George Papandreou has agreed to step down. Russ Mitchell reports.

Wall Street's biggest one-day gain of the year

The Dow Jones soared 490 points following a decision by the Federal Reserve and several U.S. central banks to lend to Europe's central ...

Bank bailout by the numbers

According to documents released through the Freedom of Information Act, the bailout given to America's big banks was far bigger than the ...

Schreibtischtäter Jörg Asmussen und das "Bail-in"

- Jrg Asmussen, seit 2011 Direktoriumsmitglied der Europischen Zentralbank, war am 17.9. nach Heidelberg eingeladen, um dort eine ...

World economic dominoes could be set to fall

The European economic crisis is stirring anxiety that the economic dominoes of the world could be about to fall. Mark Phillips reports on ...

"Occupy Wall Street" rallies from coast to coast

The 'Occupy Wall Street' demonstrations that started in New York City have spread across the country with unions joining the protest. Jeff ...

"Occupy Wall Street" protests continue to grow

CBS News correspondent Bigad Shaban reports on the Occupy Wall Street protests that have spread to 25 major cities across the country.