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Pond Safari: Microscopic Life In Single Drop Of Pond Water

THESE slimy creatures may look like aliens from another planet but they are actually the life teeming inside a SINGLE drop of pond water. ... tags: bacteriabacterialMicromicroscopicorganismorganismssmall

Bubonic Plague Found in California Squirrel

California officials have closed part of the Angeles National Forest after a ground squirrel covered in fleas tested positive for bubonic ... tags: 14thbacterialbuboniccaliforniacenturyfleasinfection

Belfast's Royal Jubilee Hospital stock

The neo-natal ward at Belfast's Royal Jubilee Hospital is undergoing a deep clean this weekend, following the deaths of three babies from a ... tags: bacterialbelfasthospitalinfectionirelandjubileenatal

Hong Kong Government Offices Hit by Deadly Bug

Hong Kong officials said Wednesday that the 'situation was under control' as they probed the source of an outbreak of deadly bacteria that ... tags: bacterialbacteriumChinahealthHongKongoutbreak

Researchers Find Life in the Dead Sea

Scientific research has found life in the depths of the Dead Sea, overturning the conventional wisdom that the water was too saline to ... tags: bacteriabacterialDanielLevesqueLifemarineMicroorganisms

Barack obama rap vidds!

I was sitting in my living room just the other day when i started writing a rap song about the usa.. tags: abortionattackbacterialbarackbarrackbidenbloody

The Probability of Being Able to Smell an STD

Can you sniff out an STD A new study claims you may be able to smell when someone is infected. tags: AbleBacterialBacterial_VaginosisBeingDiseases_with_OdorDr._Lisa_MastersonHealth_Sexual_Health

The Problem With Pink Eye

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis as your doctor may call it, is a contagious disease that affects many college students. Blame close quarters ... tags: anti_bioticsbacterialcollege_healthcollege_studentsconjunctivitiscontagiouseyes

Bacterial Vaginosis: The Sex Connection

Fishy odor 'down there' is, well, kind of gross. But it's also a sign of the most common bacterial infection in women and needs to be ... tags: antibioticsbacteriabacterialbirthBVcondomcontrol

MWV Episode 31 - Tiny Conspiracies

Bacteria communicate with chemical languages that allow them to synchronize their behavior and thereby act as multi-cellular organisms. ... tags: asmbacterialbasslerbonniecommunicationdiseaseEducation

Natural Approaches to Menopause Problems

An Access to Health Experts interview with special guest Dr. Laurie Steelsmith. She dicusses natural approaches to balancing the bacteria ... tags: Alternative_HealthbacterialFitness_Nutritionhealthholistichormonehormones