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Babycare Videos - 4 by Popular

Baby's Physical Development: Spotting Delays

Your baby's physical development should follow fairly predictable patterns. If he is missing developmental milestones, make an appointment ... tags: autism:_babybaby_carecerebral_palsychildhood_developmentcrawldevelopmental_delaydevelopmental_milestones

Premature Babies: Outlook by Week of Birth

A baby born before week 37 is premature. Premature babies often have low birth weight, and are at some risk for health problems like mental ... tags: babybaby_carebaby_healthdisability_for_preemiesdoctor:_health_videoearly_babyinfant

Breast Pumping 101

If you're breastfeeding, you may decide to pump your milk at some point. From storing breast milk, to using a breast pump, to buying ... tags: baby_carebaby_healthbreastbreastfeedingbreastmilkbreast_milkbreast_pump

Teaching Your Baby How To Speak

One of the biggest baby milestones- baby's first words-has been on your mind since your child was a newborn. So, when do babies talk, and ... tags: babies_talkingbabybaby_carebaby_first_wordsbaby_languagebaby_talkbaby_talking

Stimulating Your Baby's Senses

Your baby's first months are characterized by development of the senses, particularly touch, sight and sound. So stimulate those hands, ... tags: babybaby_carebaby_developmentbaby_five_sensesbaby_hearingbaby_seeingbaby_senses

All About Vaccinations

It's time for your newborn's vaccinations, but you're hesitating. Do vaccine shots really provide protection from disease Is there ... tags: babies_shots:_vaccinesbabybaby_carebaby_healthbaby_immunization_shotsbaby_shotsbaby_shots_schedule

Childcare Choices for Your Baby

Even before your newborn arrives, you'll have childcare on your mind. You might consider family child care, child day care, or even being a ... tags: babybabysitterbabysittersbaby_carechildcare_choiceschildcare_providerchoosing_daycare

How To Help Your Baby Learn To Walk

One of the most anticipated milestones of being a new parent is your baby's first step. But before he walks, he'll need about 1,000 hours ... tags: babybaby_carebaby_developmentbaby_stepsbaby_walkbaby_walk:_baby_milestonesbaby_walking

Dealing With Diaper Rash

While taking great care of your baby can reduce the likelihood that they get a diaper rash, almost all babies will still get one ... tags: baby_carebaby_diaper_rashbaby_rashdiapersdiaper_rashdiaper_rash_creamdiaper_rash_ointment

Baby Sign Language

Even before you can converse with your baby, you can use infant sign language to communicate You can teach baby sign language with the help ... tags: babybaby_carebaby_signsbaby_sign_languagebaby_sign_language_booksbaby_sign_language_dictionarybaby_sign_language_flash_cards

Asperger's Disease, Rett Syndrome, and Autism (PDDs)

Asperger's Syndrome. Rett Syndrome. Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. Known collectively as autism spectrum disorders, or persuasive ... tags: aspergersaspergers_symptoms:_babyasperger_syndromeautismautism_childrenautism_spectrum_disorderautism_symptoms

Baby Head Injuries, Bruises, and Bumps

A baby's head is surprisingly hard, but a bump can still cause a concussion, skull fracture, or other injuries. If your baby hurts their ... tags: babybaby_carebaby_concussionbaby_first_aidbaby_headbaby_head_bumpbaby_head_injury