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Ayatollah Videos - 4 by Popular

THE INTERVIEW - Clément Therme, Editor of "Iran and the Challenges of the Twenty-First Century"

Iran expert Clment Therme talks to FRANCE 24's Armen Georgian about the countrys dire economic situation and suggests that the Supreme ... tags: AhmadinejadAliAyatollahfrance24HassanIranKhamenei

L'ENTRETIEN - Clément Therme, auteur des "Relations entre Téhéran et Moscou depuis 1979"

En Iran, le nouveau prsident modr Rohani devra cohabiter avec le guide suprme conservateur, Ali Khamenei. Le chercheur Clment Therme pense ... tags: AhmadinejadAliAyatollahHassanIraniranienKhamenei

Hassan Rohani: Iran's new president

Hassan Rohani has won Iran's 11th presidential election following a vote that saw a massive popular turnout on June 14. tags: AyatollahcampaigncandidateIranKhameneinewpolitical

L'Iran vote

Jour J Thran. Les Iraniens lisent leur prsident. Ils ont fait la queue parfois pendant plus d'une heure devant les bureaux de vote. Six ... tags: AyatollahconservateursGuideIranKhomeinysuprêmeTéhéran

Reality Check week ending May 03

In the headlines from this past week The world Islamic Awakening conference, The US may decide to arm terrorists and insurgents in Syria, ... tags: AliAyatollahBarakgovernmentIranKhameneiObama

US offers direct talks with Iran

The latest offers of negotiations by US were announced during a security conference in Munich. The issue of Irans nuclear program was a hot ... tags: AyatollahenergyIranKhameneiLeadernuclearPress

Reality Check week ending February 22

In the headlines this past week The Leader of Irans Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has said the US will fail in its ... tags: AliAyatollahKhameneiMuslimsNationsPakistanQuetta

Iran Ayatollah rejects US claims of Saudi ambassador plot

Iran's Supreme Leader has dismissed allegations that two Iranians were involved in an assassination plot as 'meaningless'. ... tags: ambassadorAyatollahclaimseuronewsIranplotPolitics

Iran's Khamenei: 'Real War' Would Be More Harmful to US

With rising talk of war, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei rallied his public Friday in prayers broadcast on state television -- ... tags: ali khameneiattackayatollahiranisraelmilitaryoil