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Controversial Bird Flu Research to be Published

The World Health Organization WHO decides two research experiments involving the H5N1 virus should be published in full. tags: avian_fluavian_flu_terrorismbird_flubird_flu_attackh1n1_attackh1n1_releaseh1n1_terrorism

01 December, 2011 – This Week in Science

Flu In The Lab, Red Matter, Flavor Networks, Making The Earth Move, TWIThe End Of The World, Worms In Space, Oak Ridge Shorties, Sex On The ... tags: animalsastrobiologyastronomyastrophysicsavian_flubioethicsbiology

Should Details of Bird Flu Research Be Kept Secret?

Scientists have discovered ways to make the H5N1 flu strain airborne and thus more contagious. Some have suggested censoring the findings. tags: avian_flubird_flubird_flu_bioterrorbird_flu_censorshipbird_flu_studyHealthhealthy_living

How To Sneeze Without Spreading Disease

Sneezing is one of the most common ways disease is spread from person to person. If everyone sneezed the correct way, fewer people would ... tags: avian_flucold_preventioncommon_coldflu_preventiongood_mannershealthhuman_nose

Please Avoid the Robot Death Squads

Chicken Farmer future Jack avoids robot death-squads with his mutated buddy Bobby. tags: 12_Monkeysanimationapocalypsearmageddonavian_flubird_flucartoon

Updated 100000 Fish More than 5000 birds fall dead from Sky in Arkansas 12-31-2010 New Years Eve

Situation Update No. 2On 03.01.2011 at 0359 GMT+2Arkansas game officials hope testing scheduled to begin Monday will solve the mystery ... tags: 100000_dead_fish2010201120125000accidentsarkansas

Four-Legged Biosensors Sniff Out Bird Flu

Mice were trained to identify feces from bird flu-infected ducks by smell. Cynthia Graber reports tags: Avian_flubiosensorsbird_fluScience_MedicineTechnology

This Week in Science – 25 November, 2008

Miracles Discussed, Flies Gone Wild, Mammoth Operations, To the Birds, Sweet Space, Planetary Discovery, Madness, Genetic Explanations, and ... tags: animalsastrobiologyavian_flubioethicsbiologybiotechnologychemistry

This Week in Science – 24 February, 2009

How To Say Kiki, Decade of Data, This Week in The End of The World, Fighting The Good Fight, Lots of Health, Saving Humanity, and a ... tags: animalsastrophysicsavian_flubiologybotanycell_biologychemistry

This Week in Science – 28 April, 2009 Broadcast

Swiney Flu, Obama-Sizing Science, Free the Stem Cells, Parasites And You, Asteroid On Trial, and Interview w/ Dr. Michio Kaku. tags: animalsavian_flubioethicsbiologybiotechnologyDr._KikiDr._Kirsten_Sanford