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Alain Souchon-La beauté d'Ava Gardner

Chanson d'une touchante simplicit ou souchon utilise le symbole d'Ava Gardner pour voquer sa nostalgie du temps qui passe, pour moi une des ... tags: AlainSouchonAvaGardnerChansonfrançaisepiano

Whistle Stop 1946

George Raft and Ava Gardner star in this gritty crime drama of passion and jealousy leading to robbery and murder. Hot honey returns to ... tags: Ava_GardnerBlack-and-whiteCramacrimeFilm_noirGeorge_Raftpublic_domain

Hollywood Style Stars - Hollywood Style Star: Ava Gardner

Hollywood is full of women who know how to put on a gown and pose for the cameras. But there are a handful of ladies whose sartorial ...

Not One for Tears

The Aviator 2004 - Not One for Tears - Katharine Hepburn Cate Blanchett matter-of-factly announces that she will be leaving Hughes Leonardo ... tags: Adam_ScottAlan_AldaAlec_BaldwinAva_GardnerBrent_SpinerCate_BlanchettCigarette_Girl

Fine Pair of Misfits

The Aviator 2004 - Fine Pair of Misfits - Hughes Leonardo DiCaprio makes the acquaintance of Katharine Hepburn Cate Blanchett, movie star ... tags: Adam_ScottAlan_AldaAlec_BaldwinAva_GardnerBrent_SpinerCate_BlanchettCigarette_Girl

Show Me the Blueprints

The Aviator 2004 - Show Me the Blueprints - As part of his worsening OCD, Hughes Leonardo DiCaprio obsessively repeats himself while ... tags: Adam_ScottAlan_AldaAlec_BaldwinAva_GardnerBrent_SpinerCate_BlanchettCigarette_Girl

The Spruce Goose Flies

The Aviator 2004 - The Spruce Goose Flies - Howard Hughes Leonardo DiCaprio achieves his dream of flying the massive 8220Spruce Goose8221 ... tags: Adam_ScottAlan_AldaAlec_BaldwinAva_GardnerBrent_SpinerCate_BlanchettCigarette_Girl

Dinner with the Hepburns

The Aviator 2004 - Dinner with the Hepburns - Howard Leonardo DiCaprio has dinner with Katharine Hepburn8217s Cate Blanchett family, who ... tags: Adam_ScottAlan_AldaAlec_BaldwinAva_GardnerBrent_SpinerCate_BlanchettCigarette_Girl

Slade saves Rosa from Jody

The clip Slade saves Rosa from Jody from Earthquake 1974 with Marjoe Gortner, George Kennedy. Starring Charlton Heston Stewart Graff, Ava ... tags: Ava_GardnerCharlton_HestonDenise_Marshall_as_Genevieve_BujoldEarthquakeGeneviève_BujoldGeorge_KennedyLorne_Greene

Slade saves Rosa from Jody Part 2

The clip Slade saves Rosa from Jody Part 2 from Earthquake 1974 with Marjoe Gortner, George Kennedy. Starring Charlton Heston Stewart ... tags: Ava_GardnerCharlton_HestonDenise_Marshall_as_Genevieve_BujoldEarthquakeGeneviève_BujoldGeorge_KennedyLorne_Greene

Slade and Graff drilling

The clip Slade and Graff drilling from Earthquake 1974 with Charlton Heston. Starring Charlton Heston Stewart Graff, Ava Gardner Remy ... tags: Ava_GardnerCharlton_HestonDenise_Marshall_as_Genevieve_BujoldEarthquakeGeneviève_BujoldGeorge_KennedyLorne_Greene

Dam breaking up

The clip dam breaking up from Earthquake 1974 . Starring Charlton Heston Stewart Graff, Ava Gardner Remy Royce-Graff, George Kennedy Sgt. ... tags: Ava_GardnerCharlton_HestonDenise_Marshall_as_Genevieve_BujoldEarthquakeGeneviève_BujoldGeorge_KennedyLorne_Greene