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Syria: French Cameraman Killed in Homs

A French cameraman was killed In a bloody day in the Syrian city of Homs. The government and the opposition blamed each other for the ... tags: AssociatedISL-SYR-fcam-20120111IPress

Iran Nuclear Expert Killed Amid 'Covert War'

Two assailants on a motorcycle attached a magnetic bomb to the car of an Iranian university professor working at a key nuclear facility, ... tags: Associatediran_scientistPress

Meet the World's Smallest Vertebrate

A frog that can sit on your little finger's nail with room to spare has been crowned the world's smallest vertebrate, out-tinying a fish ... tags: Associatednola_tiny_frogPress

Guantanamo Bay's 10th Anniversary Draws Protests

Ten years after the arrival of the first detainee at Guantanamo Bay, protesters are calling for the military detention center in Cuba to ... tags: Associatedguantanamo_protestPress

Ricci Talks Playing a 1960's Stewardess in 2012

On ABC's 'Pan Am' Christina Ricci plays a flight attendant at the start of the commercial jet age, when flying was glamorous. The women on ... tags: AssociatedPeople-ChristinaPressRicci

Not Guilty Pleas in Amish Beard-cutting Attacks

Twelve members of a breakaway Amish group in Ohio have pleaded not guilty to beard- and hair-cutting attacks on fellow Amish in a feud over ... tags: AmishAssociatedCourtOhioPress

Gosh! 'Napoleon Dynamite' Becomes an Animated TV

Fox has added a sweet new comedy to its TV lineup, an animated sitcom based on the 2004 hit film 'Napoleon Dynamite.' The show follows the ... tags: AssociatedDynamitePressTV-Napoleon