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Justin Bieber filmed by a brazilian girl who just slept with...

Here is THE original video shot by the brazilian girl who slept with Justin Bieber apparently paid for that.

Strait takes CMA's top prize, Bieber filmed asleep

George Strait won the coveted entertainer of the year prize at the Country Music Association awards. It was the third time the singer won ...

Falling Asleep At Work

The way he wakes up is just priceless. He just kept his head real low and acts as though he was just getting a really close look at his ...

When I Loved My Wife

Wayne Burfeind reflects on a simpler time when all he had to do was hold his woman.

Bus driver not guilty of manslaughter in deadly crash

Ophadell Williams, the driver in Bronx bus crash that killed 15 people, was found not guilty of several manslaughter charges. Michelle ...

Funny Babies Trying to Stay Awake Compilation!!

They're sooo cute these little babies trying to stay awake while eating or their parents speaking to them

Sleep Fighter

Alex Stone indulges in shut eye all by his lonesome, otherwise his lady friend ruins it by floppin around like a dern fish

Have a break.... Sleeping on the road!

This guys is sleeping on the roadside, in a wheelbarrow... Just awesome. And the driver trys to awake the guy.... ahaha

Cute Kittens Falling Asleep At The Same Time

Just keep an eye on the one on the right. Watch more videos here Facebook page

How to get your baby to sleep through the night

There are only a handful of things that tend to wake babies up at night. Join an expert mom of three as she discuses the top five sleep ...