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Six arrested after Bangladesh building collapse

Police in Bangladesh arrested six people in connection with a building collapse that killed hundreds of garment workers. Kelly Cobiella ...

The number of monthly texts dropped for first time ever

Police in Spain arrested at least 30 people as another general strike was called. Also, For the first time ever, the number of monthly ...

Fourth Biker in SUV Attack Held on $150,000 Bond

Twenty-nine-year-old Craig Wright is being held on bond as investigators continue to look into the Sept. 29 biker attack.

Undercover Officer Rode With Bikers Who Beat SUV Driver

After a group of motorcyclists beat a man in New York, new reports indicate one might have been an undercover police officer.

Iran arrests four for "nuclear sabotage"

In Iran, four people have been arrested for attempting to sabotage a nuclear site, according to the head of the country's Atomic Energy ...

Spain: Protest against ETA prisoners' group arrests

In Bilbao tens of thousands attended a protest against the arrests of members of Herrira, which supports Basque separatist group ETA ...

FBI closes Silk Road website, arrests alleged owner

The FBI has been detailing the activities of the Silk Road website it has shut down following the arrest of its alleged owner. Run as an ...

Man at Fla. Airport Said He Had a Bomb

A man arrested at Jacksonville Intl. Airport told the TSA he had a bomb last night, but no explosives were found. An airport spokesman read ...

Two Bikers Arrested in NYC Motorcycle Road Rage Assault

Police have arrested two of the bikers they believe took part in a violent road rage incident on a New York City highway.

Plane drops $1m in suspected drug money over Bolivian town

Authorities in Bolivia discover over 1 million they say had been thrown off a plane as part of a suspected drugs transaction. Report by ...

Tensions rise in Greek following arrests of far-right Golden Dawn party members

Greek riot police stand guard outside police headquarters in Athens as hundreds of supporters of the the far-right party Golden Dawn gather ...

OWS: Growing crackdowns by police nationwide

CBS News correspondent John Blackstone reports on the Occupy Wall Street protests and the recent crackdowns by police - including arrests, ...