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Arbaaz Khan Videos - 3 by Popular

Da Stargay De Bia - With Very Mast Dance Of Sumbal, Salma Shah and Sidra Noor,Arbaaz Khan

This song record for a new pashto tele film.Arbaaz Khan and two new heroes are perform with sexy girls.Sumnbal the beautiful teenager in ...

Nigar Me Sha Dildar Me Sha By Nazia Iqbal....Salam Shah Hot Perform On Stag In Dubai

Salma Shah is very hot actors in pashto film stag and music industry.She always dance very sexy in film and on the stag.She sing also now ...

Zama Zawani Da Gul Ghote By Nazia Iqbal....Lubna Khan Hot Dance

Lubna Gul is very hot actors in pashto film stag and music industry.She always dance very sexy in film and on the stag.Nazia Iqbal sing ...

Pashto New Full Drama De Bagahwat Awaz Jhangir Khan

This is new pashto tele film.Jhangir Khan is a hero in this tele film.He perform very well in this pashto film.Swate as a villein in this ...

Pashto Film - Sa Ba Yaaz Satay -Pashto Color Full Film

This is pashto cinema film.Araf khan is a director this film.Asif Khan Badar Munir Tariq Shah in this pashto film.This is very great pashto ...

Laila Laila Sta De Kasam We Stag Show Dubai

This is pashto musical stag show in Dubai.The hot pashto modals dancing on the dance floor very sexy.Sahir Khan,Salma Shah and Sahir Malik ...

Zar Sham Mada Mada Mada Qurban Sham Warye.......Raheem Shah

Raheem Shah sing this song this song is very popular in pashto film and stag industry.Arbbaz Khan perform on this great song in pashto film ...

Nasha Hi Da Sharab Nasha Hi Da Sharab.......Jhangir Khan Dua Qurashi

This is pashto new film Shughlay nice song.Jhangir Khan and hot girl Dua Qurashi is perform on this song.She dancing very sexy and hot in ...

Gul Panra Him Zaka me Ki Gi Nandare Maze Kawoom Maze........Gul Panra Nice Song

This nice pashto song sing by beautiful teenager pashto singer Gul Panra.She is very popular in pashto music.The hot girl Sahir khan dance ...

Jinaye Da Pakhware Him By Asma Lata.......Sahir Khan Dance Stag Show Dubai

Asma Lata is very famous in pashto music industry.The pashtoons like her singing.She acting also in lot of super hit pashto films.She sing ...