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Anxiety Videos - 4 by Popular

Ericksonian Hypnosis "Deep Trance Identification" -- Resolving Performance Anxiety

In this hypnosis session, your unconscious mind is encouraged to 'merge with and model-emulate' a person already successful in the field in ... tags: AnxietyDeepEricksonianhypnosisHypnotherapyIdentificationPerformance

Antidepressants and the Placebo Effect: The Emperor's ...

Irving Kirsch, Ph.D. discusses his book The Emperors New Drugs, a devastating argument that most antidepressants are little better than ... tags: AnxietyCounselingdepressedDepressionillnessmentalPsychologist

How To Help Someone Hyperventilating (Respiratory Depression)

Watch this Videojug film and learn how to help yourself or somebody else who may be hyperventilating tags: adviceanxietybreathingcarbonhyperventilateliplips

Gaiam TV Live Inspirations - Howard Martin

Learn the best ways to deal with stress and anxiety with Howard Martin. tags: AnxietyGaiamhearthHowardMartinsolutionsStress

US troops' stress at five-year high

Mental stress, psychological problems, anxiety and depression--just some of the symptoms US troops are showing from battle fatigue ... tags: anxietydepressionMentalmilitaryproblemspsychologicalstress

Is the US Pharm Industry Creating Diseases to Cure Them?

US pharmaceutical companies get creative when it comes to disorders and drugs to treat everything from canine depression to female sexual ... tags: anxietydrugsdysfunctionhealthmentalpfizerpharmaceuticals

What would be a sincere attempt to come out of misery

As a fact I observe there is a great deal of pain accumulated in the body and fire element is observed to be enveloping almost the entire ... tags: agonyanxietyashramfrustrationsgurumaalifemeditation

How Psychotherapy Can Make You Happy

If you're happy and you know it, well, good for you. If not, therapy is a tried-and-true approach to clearing away neuroses and making way ... tags: analystanxietyCBTpsychiatristpsychoanalystpsychologistshrink

Why am I not able to move body while sleeping?

Q Pranam Gurumaa. Many a times while sleeping, I feel that I am not able to move any part of my body. But I am able to listen to things ... tags: anandmurtianxietydisordersgurumaanightparalysisparalyzed

How To Deal With Cat Anxiety

When you have an anxious cat, be sure to approach them slowly as to not spook them. Make sure they have a comfortable place to sleep and ... tags: anxietyanxiousbehaviorcatcatspettraining

How To Beat Anxiety

Anxiety is a common problem that many face in today's stressful world. Learn how to overcome and control it in this informative video from ... tags: anxietyanxiousimprovementself